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The Bible Food Laws To Follow For A Healthier Life Discussed On Dr. Oz

Ever wonder about the diet that Jesus ate and how these foods can help you live a healthier life?  Today Dr. Oz discussed this subject and talked to a man who lived entirely from the Bible’s teachings for one year.  Find out how our bodies were designed to eat a plant based diet and why these foods should be the staple foods of our diet.  During this segment Dr. Oz talked about the Bible Food Laws and the guidelines we should follow that compliments the teachings of the Bible.

Don Colbert’s Bible Food Laws On Dr. Oz

  • Eat 12 Hours After You Eat Dinner – Dr. Don Colbert explained that since Jesus was a carpenter he likely ate his first meal early in the morning.  He said that you should eat 12 hours after you ate dinner.  Jesus probably ate whole foods for breakfast.  Examples that Dr. Colbert gave were berries, millet, and yogurt.
  • Don’t Rush Through Lunch – In today’s society people all too often eat too fast during lunch.  A.J. Jacobs says that it would be more beneficial to concentrate on chewing your food an extra 10 times that you normally would.  This will help to slow down your eating, improve digestion, and you will eat less.
  • Eat A Light & Early Dinner – Dr. Don Colbert recommends eating an early dinner.  He said many people do the opposite and sometimes skip breakfast altogether.  They then eat a light lunch have have a heavy dinner.  He said this isn’t ideal for your health.  A. J. Jacobs added that it teaches in the bible that gluttony is a sin, so you should eat a light dinner which is likely how Jesus ate his meals.
  • Drink Red Wine After Dinner – Dr. Don Colbert mentioned that Jesus only drank two beverages.  Red wine and water.  He said that red wine is rich in antioxidants and has over 1,000 nutrients.  He said that people that lived during the Biblical era found that a glass of wine after dinner was beneficial to the body by killing bacteria & parasites.

Go For A Walk While Drinking Your After Dinner Wine With An Adult Sippy Cup

While Jesus or his followers obviously weren’t drinking out of wine sippy cups, A.J. Jacobs recommended an Adult Wine Sippy Cup as a great way to enjoy an after dinner walk while enjoying the benefits of a glass of red wine.