Dr Oz, Birth Order Health Problems, Winter,Spring,Summer,Fall Babies

Can Your Birth Order Determine Your Personality and Future Health Problems?

Today Dr. Oz invited Dr. Sue Varma on to the show to talk about how your birth order can determine your personality as well as being prone to certain health problems.  Here is the summary of what was discussed during this segment of today’s show :

First Born Children More Prone To Heart Disease

Dr. Sue Varma explained to Dr. Oz that the oldest child tend to be high achievers.  They are also risk takers and have the added stress of taking care of their other siblings.  Due to their higher levels of stress the oldest child (or first born) are more prone to high blood pressure and/or heart disease.

The Middle Child Have Higher Risks For Depression

Dr. Varma said that middle children run a greater risk for depression because they often feel left out.  They also tend to be successful because they feel the need to prove themselves.  She said that they are also trying to fit in and find their place in the family structure.  Dr. Varma said that the middle child may also feel like an outsider and this can lead to depression.

The Youngest Child Suffers From The Highest Rate For Addiction

Dr. Sue Varma explained to Dr. Oz that the youngest child in the family are often the “entertainers” of the family because of their desire to receive attention.  She said that they are also risk takers and this can put them at greater risk for addiction.

The Only Child Have Higher Rates Of Obesity

The only child’s have a greater risk for obesity.  Dr. Varma said that this is because that their parents often shower their only child with food and over compensation. She said that they only child tend to be sophisticated and prefer adult company rather than kids their own age.

Babies Born In Winter, Springs, Summer, and Fall

Babies Born In Winter (December – February) – Dr. Varma told Dr. Oz that babies born during the winter period are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety.  She made the recommendation of spending time outdoors and with friends to lift your mood.  Some mood boosting foods that she suggested was turkey breast, edamame, and peanuts.

Babies Born In Spring (March – May) – Dr. Varma said spring babies are more prone to seasonal affective disorder.  Dr. Oz made the recommendation of adding vitamin D to your diet and some foods that may be of benefit are fortified milk, mushrooms, and salmon.

Babies Born In Summer (June – August) –  Dr. Varma said that if you were born between June and August during the summer it puts you at a higher risk for stroke.  She suggested eating fruits and veggies that have white flesh.  Fruits and vegetables that she recommended are apples, cauliflower, and pears.  These foods can help to reduce your blood pressure.

Babies Born In The Fall (Sept – Nov) – Dr. Sue Varma said that if you were born during the fall months you are at a greater risk for asthma.  Dr. Oz suggested made the suggestion of inhaling Himalayan salt to help clear out your respiratory system.