Dr Oz, Birth Order Health Traits, Youngest Middle Oldest, Only Child

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Dr. Oz and Dr. Jen Hartstein Talk About Birth Order – Health and Personality Traits

Could your birth order play a role in determining your personality traits or even your health?  Today (January 14, 2014) Dr. Oz invited Jen Hartstein on to the show to talk about how being the “only child”, “youngest, middle, or oldest child” can predict what your personality traits are and what potential health problems that you may face in the future.

Youngest Child Traits

Dr. Jen Hartstein said that your personality type plays a key role in how you handle stress and anxiety.  Your birth order can often predict the type of personality you are and potential health ailments.  The youngest child learns how to “manipulate” the household by sitting back and learning from the older siblings.  She said that the youngest child is more prone to have allergies.  She also said that the youngest child have a higher risk of having PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome).

Dr. Hartstein said that the age gap between siblings will also play a role in personalities.  She explained to Dr. Oz and the audience that having an age gap of more than five years between two children is like having two “only child” personalities in the home.


Only Child Personality Traits and Health Risks

The only child tends to be a perfectionist with a strong disdain for criticism.  They also have a strong desire to please their parents.The only child also tend to be achievers and meet or surpass expectations.  The health risks associated with the “only child” is that they have a greater risk for obesity because they tend to treat their emotions (happy, sadness, anger, etc….) with food.

Middle Children Have A Higher Risk For Depression

The middle child is often the “peacemaker” or diplomat of the siblings.  They try to maintain some sort of peace and harmony in the household.  The middle children on the birth order chart are also quick learners on figuring out how to get what they want from their siblings, mom, and/or dad.  Dr. Hartstein said that middle children have a high risk for depression because growing up their needs are often met last.

First Born Children Diabetes Risk

The oldest sibling of the family tends to be an over achiever.  They are self driven and motivated.  Dr. Hartstein then added that gender plays a role in this personality trait as well.  If a daughter is the second born, they often take on the personality traits of the first born child.

Diabetes is a potential health hazard with first born children.  The “overachievers” tend to put them at higher risk for high blood pressure and diabetes.

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