Dr Oz Black Beans Burn Fat, Basil Lowers Stress, Cranberries Memory

Foods To Lower Stress, Burn Fat, and Improve Your Memory on Dr. Oz

black beans burn fat, basil reduces stress, dr oz

Benefits of Black Beans, Cranberries, and Basil on Dr Oz

Dr. Oz did a show on anti-aging. He talks about ways that you can improve your sleep, boost your energy, and raise your libido.  Learn about healthy oils to protect your heart and lower your blood pressure. During this segment he talks about foods and herbs such as black beans, basil, and cranberries that can help you to burn fat, lower your stress, and improve your memory.  If your tired of feeling worn down, being forgetful, stressed out, or having trouble losing weight today’s January 14, 2013 episode was for you..  During this segment Dr. Oz talks about black beans, basil, and cranberries.  Incorporate these super foods into your diet to start feeling and looking better today.

Basil Reduces Stress By Lowering Your Cortisol Levels

You may have heard of the stress hormone called Cortisol before.  It is known as the stress hormone and for good reason.  Dr. Oz talked about an anti-oxidant that is in basil called “Chicoric Acid”.  Dr. Eva Selhub joined Dr. Oz on the show and explained how Chicoric Acid is a natural anti-depressant that will raise your dopamine levels. Lower your stress naturally by simply adding basil to your diet.  Here are some things you should know about basil :

  • Reduces stress
  • Relief from muscle aches and pain
  • Natural antidepressant
  • Lowers cortisol (stress hormone)
  • Found in chicory root powder
  • Add basil to 4-5 servings of food per week

Boost Your Memory With Cranberry

There is an antioxidant in cranberry called Pterostilbene that has been shown to help improve your brain function.  Dr. Selhub said that studies that they are excited about were performed on people in their 70’s who all suffered from cognitive and memory problems.  The participants in the cranberry study had to drink two cups of juice everyday that contained “Pterostilbene” (the antioxidant that cranberries have).  They found that their memory and cognitive function improved in the participants.  Dr. Selhub said that this is an antioxidant that can benefit people of all ages.  You can take Pterostilbene as a supplement (dosage should be between 50-150 milligrams, depending on your weight) per day.  You can also eat 1 cup of cranberries or drink of cranberry juice every day to receive benefits.

Black Beans Burn Fat

We all love to eat, so why not include foods that help to fight fat?  Dr. Eva Selhub explained to Dr. Oz how black beans contain an antioxidant called CG3.  When you eat foods that contain C3G you burn fat and and your body will be less likely to store it as fat in your body.  Try to eat black beans 3 times per week.  YOU can also buy black bean extract from a vitamin store (1 gram per day).

Dr. Selhub made a suggestion that really sounded like a delicious way to enjoy the benefits from C3G.  Cook one cup of black beans and one cup of black rice.  Add it to a lettuce wrap and enjoy.