Dr Oz, Black Elderberry Syrup Immune Booster, Arnica Gel Pain Relief

Dr. Oz Talks About 5 Health Fixes – Black Elderberry, Arnica Gel, Pumpkin Seeds, Ginger Tea, and Yoga Poses

On today’s (January 20, 2014) show Dr. Oz talked about 5 all natural health fixes to cure or relieve common health ailments.  Nearly everyone suffers from aches and pains, trouble sleeping, and illness from time to time.  Dr. Oz discusses all natural remedies like black elderberry (for immunity), Arnica Gel (for pain), Pumpkin Seeds (sleep), Ginger tea (stomach upset), and yoga poses (for stress).

Arnica Gel Eases Pain

When you are experiencing physical pain it’s hard (or nearly impossible) to live your life to the fullest.  Many people use over the counter medications like Ibuprofen, or may even have to take prescription medications.  Dr. Oz said that Arnica Gel is an all natural way to relieve pain that is effective for muscle aches and pain in your joints.

  • Arnica Gel can be found in many health and drug stores, as well as online.
  • Rub the Arnica Gel onto the painful areas three times a day.  Massage gently into the skin
  • Effective as OTC medications

Black Elderberry Syrup

We are right in the middle of the flue season, so now is the perfect time to be boosting your immune system to help ward off colds, flus, and other immunity based illnesses.  Dr. Oz recommended that people consume black elderberry syrup as way to boost your immune system naturally.

  • Black Elderberry Syrup can be found in health food stores or online.
  • Helps to prevent the flu and colds
  • Can be purchased for approximately 12 dollars

Ginger Tea Soothes Stomach Discomfort

Nobody enjoys a belly ache.  Fortunately Dr. Oz has an all natural healthy remedy for stomach discomfort as well.  Ginger team can calm your upset stomach.  This all natural cure is not only soothing for your stomach, but improves your overall digestion as well. Dr. Oz suggested adding fresh ginger to some hot water and and sip to ease your tummy ache.  Ginger tea can be found at most health food stores for less than 5 dollars.

Pumpkin Seeds Insomnia Aid

Do you have problems falling to sleep at night?  Dr. Oz said that pumpkin seed powder is an all natural cure for sleeping problems.  He said that it will not only help you fall asleep but will also help you to stay asleep.  Dr. Oz said that pumpkin seed powder workds because it increase the amount of serotonin in your body naturally.

  • Add one to two tsps of Pumpkin Seed Powder to a glass of warm milk.  Consume the pumpkin drink approximatly 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime.

Ease Your Stress With Yoga

Dr. Oz spoke with Steve Ross about the best yoga poses to help ease the stress in your life.  Here are some of Steve’s tips that he shared on today’s (1-20-2014) episode :

  • Sit down on the floor and place your legs out in front of you. Slowly and gently relax your upper torso on to your legs, or as fall as you can go down (without pain). Inhale and exhale deeply.  Take deep breaths for approximately 1 minute.  Try this yoga pose throughout the day if you begin to feel stressed.

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