Dr Oz, Body Language Health Clues : Crossed Legs, Hunched Shoulders

Dr. Oz Talks About What Body Language Clues May Say About Your Health

Today Dr. Oz did a segment about common forms of body language and what they may say about your health and your personality.  To help him with this segment Dr. Oz invited Dr. Darria Long Gillespie on to the show to talk about body language clues like crossing your legs, hunching your shoulders, sitting up straight, and clearing your throat.  Also be sure to check out the follow up segment and find out what yellow fingernails, a red tongue, or unexplained bruising may mean.

Crossed Legs

Can something as innocent as crossing your legs be bad for your health. Potentially it can according to Dr. Darria Long Gillespie.  She said that sitting with your legs crossed for an extended period of time can increase your chances of getting a blood clot.  When you sit with your legs crossed it puts pressure on your veins and nerves and inhibiting proper blood flow.  This can put you at risk for a blood clot.  Dr. Gillespie also said that sitting with your legs crossed raised your blood pressure by approximately 7 points.  Dr. Gillespie said if you are getting your blood pressure checked you should be sitting with your feet flat on the floor and uncrossed.

Hunched Shoulders

Sitting with hunched shoulders can be a sign that a person is feeling defeated, ashamed about something, or depressed.  He said that you can notice this body language clue a lot in athletes.  Notice that when a team wins the players will raise their arms, but when they are defeated they can often be seen with hunched shoulders.  Hunched shoulders can also be a sign of a physical ailment according to Dr. Gillespie.  She told Dr. Oz that when she’s a patient who is always hunched over she worries about physical problems such as Spinal Stenosis or Thoracid Outlet Syndrome.

Can You Sit Up Too Straight?

Chris Ulrich said that people who sit up straight are often viewed by other people as uptight.  Dr. Gillespie said that people have a natural curve to their spine so if you sit up TOO straight it can cause neck pain and even create issues with the discs in your back.Clearing Your ThroatBody language expert Chris Ulrich said that clearing the throat is often used as a stalling technique.  You often see this when people are making a speech or in court on a witness stand.  Dr. Gillespie said that clearing your throat can also be symptoms of a physical ailment like acid reflux.

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