Dr Oz Body Type + Cancer Risk + Future Health Problems

Dr. Oz Talks About Different Body Types and Cancer Risks / Health Problems Associated With Each

In prior episodes Dr. Oz has discussed different body types (apple, pear, banana shape etc….) and how they all hold on to fat differently.  He spoke about different weight loss and fat burning methods that work the best according to what body type you are.  On October 31, 2013 Dr. Oz is going to once again talk about body types but he will be talking about if different shapes are associated with different cancer risks.  Dr. Oz will also be talking about Vitamin supplementation and how you can get all the vitamins you need without ever taking a supplement.  Here are short previews of the topics that will be discussed on Oct. 31st.

Can Your Body Type Determine Future Health Problems?

Dr. Oz will be talking about the different health ailments that are associated with different body types.  Once you know which body type you will be able to take preventive measures to lower your risk of illnesses in the future.  Knowing your body type and the risk factors that each carry can help you to live a longer and healthier life!!

Does Your Body Type Raise or Lower Your Risk For Certain Cancers?

Regardless of the body type that you have, you have the power to take control of your life and reduce your chances of getting sick in the future.  Apple shapes, pear shapes, etc… all carry different risks associated with the body type.  Dr. Oz will be talking about what you can do to help you reduce your health risks through nutrition and healthy lifestyle changes.

Get All The Vitamins You Need Without Supplements

When you are browsing through the supplement aisle at your local health store, do you feel lost and confused about what is best for you?  If so, you are not alone.  On the Dr. Oz October 31, 2013 episode all of your questions will be answered.  Dr. Oz will also be talking about how you can get all the vitamins you need without even needing vitamin supplements!

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