Dr Oz, Body Type Diet For Pear, Apple, Box Shapes, Metabolism Foods

Dr. Oz Talks About Apple, Pear, & Box Shaped Diets To Turbocharge Metabolism According To Body Type

Do you have trouble losing weight on a particular diet that one of your friends had wonderful success on?  Well, it just may be because they are a different body type and that particular diet wasn’t ideal for your body shape.  Today Dr. Oz talks about a “Metabolism Body Shape Diet” that is customized for apple, pear, and box shaped women.  If you have just about thrown in the towel on diets be sure to make sure that you have been trying the diets that are ideal for your body shape!

Update : Dr. Oz has since decided to throw out the apple, pear, banana body shapes because nobody should be categorized and notice drawn to particular flaws that some women may feel self conscious about.  So, he has came out with the All New Estrogen, Type-T, Stress and Sugar Body Types. Find out what type you are by taking the quiz and why each body type causes fat to accumulate in a certain area.

Foods That Turbocharge Your Metabolism

You probably already know that exercise can boost your metabolism, but diet also plays a key role in turbocharging your metabolism.  However, what foods may be right for you may not be right for someone else.  Apple, pear, and box shaped people all have different shapes from where your body is storing fat.  Each one of these body shapes needs to be approached differently if you are wanted to lose weight without all of the struggles!

Foods To Eat On The Apple Body Type Diet

Dr. Oz invited a guest from the audience named Elizabeth to talk about her diet struggles and why she has trouble losing weight, especially in her midsection.  She said that even thought she exercises and eats  what she thinks is a healthy diet, she just can’t seem to lose her belly fat.  Dr. Oz said that this is because apple shaped women have a hormonal imbalance and the main culprit is the “stress hormone” caused cortisol (which contributes to belly fat).

Dr Oz said that Apple Shaped women should be on a diet that consists of low glycemic foods.  He said that eating low glycemic foods help to prevent sugar spikes.. He said that these sugar spikes is what is causing her body to release cortisol.  While stress can cause an increase in cortisol levels, high carb foods can as well.

Here are the foods that Dr. Oz said to eat for apple shaped women :

  • Lentils – Adding lentils to your diet will give you the protein that you need
  • Red pepper hummus – Rich in vitamins and also has the added benefits of metabolism boosting spices
  • Eggplant – This nutrient rich food is a delicious alternative to spaghetti or other pasta dishes.  Dr. Oz like eggplant because it has the same texture as pasta but without all the high glycemic carbs which should be avoided on the Apple Body Shape Diet.

Pear Body Types Should Eat High Fiber Foods

If you have a pear body shape it is likely because you have excess estrogen.  Dr. Oz invited another woman to the stage named Eileen who has struggled with weight that is stored around her booty..  Pear shaped women store weight around their thighs, hips, and butt.

Dr. Oz recommended that pear shaped women eat high fiber foods because the fiber will bind with excess estrogen to help get your hormones back in proper balance so you won’t be as likely to store fat in these areas.

Here are the foods that Dr. Oz recommended that people with pear shapes should eat :

  • Edamame – Edamame contains phytoestrogens which help to balance estrogen in your body
  • Whole wheat pasta – Instead of using white pasta, opt for the whole wheat pasta
  • Figs – This fruit is very high in fiber

Dr. Oz said that if you eat high fiber foods like what is noted above it will help to boost your metabolism so pear shaped women can start losing weight in their problem areas.Box Body Types Should Eat High Iodine & Selenium Rich FoodsDr. Oz invited a woman named Ceron on to the stage to talk about her box shape and her struggles with weight loss.  Box shapes generally have fat stored all over rather than one particular location.  Dr. Oz said that box shaped women could have thyroid issues.  He said that eating iodine and selenium rich foods may help to give the thyroid the boost that it needs.

Here are the foods that were recommended on Dr. Oz for box shaped women :

  • Seaweed – Rich in iodiine
  • Shrimp – Rich in selenium and contains Vitamin D to help build muscle
  • Sunflower seeds – Eat 1/3 cup as a snack each day

Dr. Oz said that the foods listed are just a sample, but you should pick the types of foods that work with your body type so you can lose weight easier.

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