Dr. Oz, Boswellia Extract For Joint Pain, Capsaicin Spray & Cream

Dr Oz Talks About Natural Solutions For Your Pain – Boswellia Extract, Vitamin B12, Capsaicin Cream

Chronic pain can be life altering from the moment that you roll out of bed to the moments you go to sleep.  For many, pain becomes so intense that they can’t even sleep through the night without resorting to pain medications that have many harmful side effects.  The good news is that there are 7 natural pain solutions that can help you to greatly reduce the amount of pain you experience in life.

7 Natural Solutions To Treat Your Pain

Dr. Oz surveyed online viewers about their pain and the feedback that he received back was quite shocking to him. 60 percent of viewers who participated in the poll reported that they experienced pain every day of the week. Neck and back pain were the most common forms of pain that were mentioned.

For many people, prescription pain medications are overused to cover up their pain symptoms. These meds cause unpleasant (and unhealthy) side effects and are only masking the pain.  Fortunately Dr. Oz has some natural remedies to help alleviate the painful symptoms that you feel all too often.

Dr. Oz said that all of the natural remedies that he recommended during this segment should be taken every day receive benefits.  They are not overnight cures.  Be sure to give the remedies some time to work and help provide relief from your painful symptoms.

Boswellia Extract Helps To Relieve Joint Pain

Do your joints ache all throughout the day and keep you from being as active as you would like to be?  Dr. Oz talked about Boswellia Extract and how this all natural herbal remedy helps to reduce friction in your joints.  Dr. Oz said to look for 40 percent acid concentration in a 300 mg Boswellia Extract form.  Take this herbal remedy in the morning.

Ground Ginger Helps To relieve Your Joint Pain

You may already have ground ginger in your spice rack in your kitchen!  Dr. Oz said that addint 1/2 tsp to tea or water helps to relieve your pain in a natural way.  You can also add ginger to other recipes to receive benefit.

What Causes Back Pain

For many people back pain is caused by nerves in the spinal column.  Your discs are moving around all throughout the day.  Nerves around the spinal column can get stretched and irritated.  This causes pain.  The pain can even shoot from your back into your neck or legs.Vitamin B12 Helps To Ease Back PainDr. Oz said to try adding a Vitamin B12 supplement to your daily regime.  Vitamin B12 coats your nerves and this helps to keep them from getting inflamed in your back.

You can ingest Vitamin B12 in several different forms.  You can either take it in a pill form or in drops under the tongue.

Capsaicin Cream Helps Alleviate Neck Pain Naturally

Dr. Oz said that Capsaicin Creams can be used every day.  He said that capsaicin is the same ingredient that makes chili peppers hot.  He said that capsaicin cream soothes and stimulates nerve fibers.  He demonstrated the cream on a woman from the audience and she said that the cream has a warm tingling sensation.

Dr. Oz also said that there is a capsaicin spray that you can buy that helps to cure headaches! One of your fears might be that the spray would sting but the volunteer from the audience tried it and said it wasn’t bad at all.

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