Dr Oz, Botox Stomach Injections For Weight Loss, Appetite Control

Botox Stomach Injections Can Help You Lose Weight and Control Hunger on Dr. Oz

Today’s Dr. Oz show was about a natural appetite suppressant (5-HTP) that not only reduces hunger, but it also enhances your sleep and mood as well.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks about how Botox stomach injections can help you lose weight.  Is this procedure right for you?  Botox is now being used for more than just wrinkles and plumping up your lips..  Read on to see how botox is helping men and women control their appetite and lose weight.

How Botox Can Help You Lose Weight

Dr Oz, botox stomach injections

Botox Stomach Injections For Weight Loss on Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Tony Kalloo from John Hopkins Treatment Center to talk explain how Botox works to help you lose weight.  Dr. Kalloo said that when botox is injected into the stomach it will control your appetite and reduce hunger.  He said that botox when is injected in the abdomen it causes the stomach to stop contracting.  Your food will take longer to digest and said you will feel full for longer periods of time.  Dr. Kalloo did say that this procedure is an “off-label use” for botox so you should be aware of this before deciding if it is right for you.

Dr. Kalloo explained to Dr. Oz that this procedure is best suited for people who are wanting to lose 20 to 30 Lbs.   He said that that results will be seen over the course of 4-6 months so it is not an overnight answer for quick weight loss.  Dr. Kalloo said that while botox treatment for weight loss does indeed work, the botox will slowly wear off over time.  He said during this time you should be instilling a lifestyle change so when the botox wears off you can live a healthier lifestyle so you will keep the weight off.  Modifying eating habits and making changes to your lifestyle will help you to sustain long term weight loss.

To Kalloo repeated that botox isn’t for the obese and is targeted for people who have around 30 pounds to lose.  This is a cutting edge new way to use botox so it isn’t widely available yet.

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