Dr. Oz, BPA Free Nordicware, Pyrex Storage Containers, Food Addiction

Dr. Oz : The Big Food Cover Up, Sugar Addiction, and BPA Free Nordicware Safe Plasticware

June 18 – Dr. Oz invited Michael Moss (investigative reporter from New York Times) on to the show to talk about food addiction in this country and how the food industry is packaging addictive foods to keep you coming back for more.  Dr. Oz will also be talking about BPA free plasticware (Nordicware) that is safe and the kinds of tupperware that you should be storing your leftovers that as well as microwavable plasticware that should be in everyone’s kitchens. Listed below are episode segments that were featured :

BPA Free Nordicware & Safe Plasticware

Many families love the convenience of plastic dishes but are unaware of chemicals that could be leeching into their food.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks about whether it’s safe to microwave plastic dishes bpa free plasticware alternatives.  Dr. Oz will be talking about Nordicware, pyrex storage containers, sugarbooger cups, and more.  View the entire segment summary on BPA Free Nordicware Plasticware & Pyrex Storage Containers.

Salt, Sugar, and Fat Addiction – The Big Cover Up

The food industry is big business and Michael Moss said that their #1 goal is to keep the customers coming back for more.  Michael Moss will be talking about all the investigative research that he has done over the years about how the food industry is creating addicting processed foods that are high in sugar, salt, and fat.

Dr. Oz will be demonstrating on stage about how certain foods affect the brain and can create an addiction that is comparable to a cocaine addiction!  He will be using video images to demonstrate how certain areas of the brain are stimulated while eating certain addicting foods.  Dr. Oz will be exposing the food industries strategy to get consumers hooked on foods to keep you coming back for more.  View the entire episode summary on Sugar, Salt, and Fat Addiction – “The Big Food Cover Up” in America.

Food Industry Secrets

Dr. Oz and Michael Morris talk about food industry secrets to add flavor and shelf life to foods that may not be beneficial to your health and wellness.  They talk about ingredients that are being added to foods that are addictive that keep consumers craving these foods during their visits to the grocery store. View the entire segment recap on Food Industry Secrets so you can know what is being added to certain foods that are addictive.

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