Dr Oz, BrainHQ Game App to Prevent Alzheimers, Cut Risk in Half

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Would you download a smartphone game if it was supported by science to cut your Alzheimer’s Risk in half?  Dr. Oz talks about the game app called Brain HQ that can do just that!  Dr. Sanjay Gupta appeared on the show to talk about Alzheimer’s prevention and how Brain HQ works to help reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s.

How Does BrainHQ Work

Max Lugavere joined Dr. Oz to talk about the game.  He tested Brain HQ for two weeks.  He said that the user selects whether you see a car or truck in the center of the screen while at the same time you have to be paying attention to the road signs.  BrainHQ is a “brain fitness” program that causes the users to exercise their attention, memory, brain speed, navigation and intelligence.

BrainHQ costs $100 a year so it may not be for everyone (however, you can play the beginning levels from 4 games for free).  Dr. Isaacson mentioned that you could likely get the same type of benefits by learning to play an instrument or trying to learn a new language.

The Science Behind BrainHQ

BrainHQ was created by Posit Science.  This “Brain Fitness Program” was developed by neuroscientists to strengthen parts of the brain that are prone to degenerate to diseases like Alzheimers.  More and more scientists now believe that brain structure and composition can be improved through mental training exercises.  However, to be air other scientists say that studies that have been performed have been inconclusive.

BrainHQ has over 100 published scientific papers that they feel proves that neuroplasticity is real and that the game app users can benefit from it’s use.  They say that it helps to   improve your memory, visual and auditory processing, attention and even boosts your mood.

BrainHQ personalizes each users training goals.  The app will adjust to the users performance and will get more challenging if the users performance improves.  BrainHQ is for IOS devices and you can play the first levels of 4 games for free.  You can play several challenges before the game asks you for money.

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