Dr Oz, Breast Pain A Symptom For Cancer? Chronic Cough + Lung Cancer

Dr. Oz Talks About Cancer Risks and Symptoms For Breast & Lung Cancer

Do you frequently find yourself self diagnosing every symptom and ailment that you get?  If so, you have probably made yourself a nervous wreck.  Considering that just about any type of symptom could be a sign that you have just about any type of ailment imaginable, hypochondriacs tend to believe they have a serious illness without proper diagnosis.  On today’s “The Alarmist Guide To The Symptoms You Worry About The Most” episode Dr. Oz talks about which signs you in which should worry about and which ones shouldn’t concern you. During this segment Dr. Oz talks about if breast pain could be a sign that you have breast cancer and if a persistent cough could mean that you have lung cancer.  Also be sure to check out if you suffer from tension headaches or chronic thirst.  Could they be signs of a brain tumor or diabetes?  Dr. Oz talks about the signs and symptoms that should be of concern and what you shouldn’t stress yourself out about.

Is A Chronic Cough A Sign For Lung Cancer?

chronic cough, lung cancer symptoms

Dr. Oz talks about chronic cough symptoms and which ones you should be concerned about.

Do you fear the worse every time that you get a cough that won’t go away?  Dr. Oz highlighted a few questions that you should ask yourself in case you get a chronic cough.  The questions he listed on the video screen from today’s show was :

  1. Do you smoke?
  2. Does anything come up when you cough or is it dry?
  3. Has your chronic cough changed in frequency or consistency?

Dr. Oz said that you likely do not have to worry about lung cancer if you answered NO to the questions listed above.  He said that you are especially at low risk if you do not smoke because smoking is a huge risk factor for lung cancer.  He said that a cough of someone who has lung cancer will keep getting worse in severity and you may even cough up blood.

Dr. Oz said that 87 percent of people who suffer from “chronic cough” is due to Post Nasal Drip.  Dr. Oz said that if your cough doesn’t go away in two weeks you should go see your physician.

Is Breast Pain A Sign Of Breast Cancer

The next “alarmist” question that concerns many hypochondriacs is “breast pain”.  Should breast pain be of concern?  Dr. Oz listed the following two questions to ask yourself :

  1. Do you feel any lumps or nodules when you touch your breasts?
  2. Does the pain fluctuate during different times of the month?

Dr. Oz said that the breast pain that you may be feeling is usually due to your fluctuating hormones.  Dr. Oz said the probable reason why you are feeling pain in your breasts are :

    • Your estrogen levels are fluctuating up and down
    • Hormones shifting in your body
    • Progesterone fluctuating
    • Breast pain is usually caused when your breasts are engorged due to surging hormonal levels

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