Dr Oz, Brewers Yeast For High Cholesterol, Milk Thistle Liver Damage

Dr. Oz Talks About Holistic Cures For High Cholesterol & Liver Damage

Looking back of the years are there some bad health habits that you would like to take back?  Maybe eating a poor diet or partaking in excess alcohol consumption?  Today, Dr. Oz talks about holistic cures for medical ailments (like high cholesterol & liver damage) that can be reversed if you take the proper steps.  During this segment of today’s show Dr. Oz talks about how Brewers Yeast can lower your high cholesterol and how milk thistle can repair a damaged liver.

Brewers Yeast Can Lower Your Cholesterol & Prevent Blood Sugar Spikes

Dr. Oz invited Natasha Turner on to the show to talk about some of the biggest health mistakes that people make along with holistic cures to remedy them all.  Natasha Turner is a naturopathic doctor and she said that yo-yo dieting can be harmful to your health.  She said that yo-yo dieting puts a strain on your heart and is bad for your arteries.  It can also raise your cholesterol and increase your chances of suffering from a heart attack.  Luckily, all hope is not lost. Dr. Oz said that you can lower your your cholesterol levels and it doesn’t even require getting prescription medications.

Natasha Turner said that Brewers Yeast is a holistic remedy that can lower your cholesterol because it is high in b vitamins and is an excellent source of chromium.  It also helps to balance your sugar levels as well.  Natasha suggested taking 1 to 2 tablespoons of Brewers Yeast per day.

Milk Thistle Extract To Repair Alcohol Induced Liver Damage

A woman talked to Dr. Oz & Natasha about her drinking habit and is worried that her alcohol consumption has caused damage to her liver.  Natasha Turner said that women should try to limit themselves to no more than 4 four oz glasses of alcohol during a week.  She also said that you shouldn’t have the all on one night because binge drinking is what damages your liver the most.

So how do you repair damage that you have done to your liver?  Natasha Turner suggested Milk Thistle.  She said that milk thistle is an herb that helps to repair and regenerate damaged liver cells.  She suggested adding 30 drops of milk thistle to a glass of water every day.

Holistic Remedy To Treat Liver Damage

The next bad habit Dr. Oz is addressing is the one that his viewers want to improve the most. One woman wonders if her alcohol habit has caused damage to her body, especially her liver. Natasha Turner says most women should only consume four four ounce glasses of alcohol per week, but there is a catch. They cannot be on the same night because binging is what causes the most damage to a person’s liver. Dr. Turner offered a holistic remedy for treating liver damage:

Natural Cure For A Sweet Tooth & Sugar Cravings

Another bad habit that effect millions of people all across the country is consuming too many sweets.  Dr. Oz said that sugar concerns him because it causes inflammation in your body which causes a lot of harm. Dr. Oz said that inflammation caused by sugar rusts away the inside of your body.  So how do you reduce your sugar cravings?  Natasha Turner said that you should eat anti-inflammatory foods that will reduce your cravings for sweets.  Here is her B.L.D (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) plan to keep those sugar cravings away!

  • For breakfast add seven walnuts to your meal
  • Lunch : Eat celery sticks
  • Dinner : Add fresh garlic to your meal

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