Dr Oz Bryonia – Homepathic Nausea Remedy, Homeopathic Medicine

Bryonia – Homepathic Remedy Is An Effective Treatment For Nausea

You may have heard of homeopathy, but are you really aware of what the term means?  If you aren’t quite sure, you are in good company.  This is why Dr. Oz dedicated a segment on today’s October 16, 2013 show to explain to everyone what homeopathic medicine means and why it is an often misunderstood treatment in medicine.

Difference Between Traditional Medicine and Homeopathic Medicine

Traditional medicine simply means you treat and ailment with medication.  Homeopathy also treats illnesses but does so in a very different way.  Dr. Oz explained that homeopathic medicine treats illnesses with the very same thing that causes the illness (in a weakened and diluted form).  Typically they use plants and minerals that have the same properties that would actually get you sick for a certain symptom or illness.  When you take the homeopathic medicine that is in such a diluted form it will trigger your bodies internal defenses to heal itself from the ailment.

Bryonia Is An Effective Homeopathic Treatment For Nausea

Dr. Oz believes in homeopathy so much that he often uses it with his own family.  During today’s October 16th show he talked about how “Bryonia” is an effective treatment for nausea.  Byronia is actually a toxic plant in the gourd family.  There are two species that are used (byronia alba, and Bryonia diocia) in homeopathic healing.  The root of the Bryonia is the part that is used in healing. It helps to treat nausea because the plant causes extreme digestion problems if consumed in its natural potent form, but when taken in a diluted homeopathic form causes the body to cure the symptoms of nausea.

The traditional form of nausea is over the counter products like pepto.  Dr. Oz said that Byronia is the homeopathic remedy that can help you with upset stomach and digestion problems.  Dr. Oz said that Byronia is broken down into small pellets and put into a vial.  Here are the recommendations he gave on the show :

  • Don’t actually touch the pellets with your fingers
  • Place the pellets under your tongue for fast relief from nausea
  • Take on an empty stomach
  • Bryonia typically costs between 5 and 10 dollars!

How Do You Know Which Kid of Homeopathic Medication To Take

Dr. Oz invited Pina Logiudice back on to the show to talk about how to choose the homepathic remedy that is right for you.  Pina (who is a doctor of natural medicine) said that you should :

  • Match your symptoms with the symptoms on the label.
  • Take the dosage that is listed on the vial
  • Homeopathic medications do not interact negatively with other medications you are currently taking
  • No prescription is required to treat your ailments
  • Inexpensive!  They only cost between 5 and 10 dollars in many health food stores
  • Homepathic remedies are very safe to try

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