Dr Oz, Bulger Wheat Reduces Breast Cancer Risk, BITES, Super Foods

Dr. Oz : Super Foods That Prevent Cancer – Bulger Wheat, B.I.T.E.S., Arugula

Cancer is a disease that affects us all in one way or another.  We all have family members or loved ones that have been affected by cancer.  On August 15 Dr. Oz will be talking about “Culinary Medicine”.  Dr. John La Puma and Dr. Oz talk about Culinary Medicine (the science of meals and recipes to prevent disease) and how you can greatly reduce your risk for cancer through your diet.

Dr. La Puma explained that nutrition isn’t taught in medical school but he believes that the power of nutrition plays a critical role in our health.  Food is a medicine and can heal the body in a natural way.  Dr. La Puma explained to Dr. Oz and the viewers that you can lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, and cancer risk simply by making modifications to your diet.

Dr. La Puma combined his research on nutrition, his knowledge gained in medical school, and his passion for being a chef to come up with the book “Chef MD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine“.  In his book Dr. La Puma talks about nutritional science and blending this science with the art of cooking.  The result of this powerful combination is delicious meals that have the power to reverse or prevent disease!

If cancer is a concern for you and you would like to lower your risk for cancer, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol be sure to tune in to the Dr. Oz August, 15 2013 episode.

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BITES – Cancer Fighting Super Foods To Lower Your Cancer Risk and Improve Your Health

Start adding B.I.T.E.S. to your diet to help prevent disease :

  • Berries (the darker the berries the better)
  • Indian Spices – These foods have anti inflammatory properties and help you to absorb the nutrients of other foods better
  • Teas – help to fight cancer
  • Eggs – High in protein
  • Salmon – High in Omega 3’s

Dr. La Puma believes that 80 percent of cancers can be prevented by the food that we eat.  Adding cancer fighters to your diet is one of the best things that you can do for your health.

Fight Cancer By Adding Bulger Wheat To Your Diet

Bulger Wheat is a type of cracked wheat that is high in fiber.  In just one cup of bulger wheat there is approximately 8 grams of fiber!  Bulger wheat is also rich in vitamins and minerals.  Dr. Oz said that you should choose “coarse” bulger wheat when adding this cancer fighting super food to your shopping cart.

Dr. La Puma said that women cut their risk for breast cancer in half by eating 30 grams of fiber a day!  Dr. La Puma recommended eating 1 cup of bulger wheat per day.  Try adding it to a saute or add flavor to the bulger wheat to incorporate this super food into your diet.

Lime Peels Contain Hesperidin

Limes are another super food that Dr. La Puma loves.  Limes contains hesperidin which can lower your cholesterol and blood pressure.

Lime Juice Recipe :

    Squeeze 3 limes into 2 cups of water.  Then mix the lime juice / water with three liters of water.  Store the liters of water in your refrigerator and drink throughout the day.

Arugula Lowers Lung Cancer Risk

When you chew the leaves of “baby arugula” you activate enzymes that help to lower your risk of lung cancer.  Eating 1 1/2 cups of arugula each day can lower your risk of lung cancer by 15 percent.  Guests appearing on the Dr. Oz August 15, 2013 episode : Dr. John La Puma