Dr Oz, Bunion Surgery Risks, Toe Exercise, Exostectomy Procedure

Dr. Oz Talks About Risks Involved With Bunion Surgery and Toe Strengthening Exercises

Dr. Oz said that bunions are a lot more common than people realize.  In fact, Dr. Oz said that more than half of the people in this country will experience bunions at some point.  What kind of treatment should you have performed when you suffer from bunions?  Should you resort to surgery?  Dr. Oz invited Judge Marilyn Milian (People’s Court) on to the show to talk about her experience with bunion surgery and if she would ever consider having this procedure done again.

Judge Milian’s Experience With Bunion Surgery

Dr. Oz spoke with Judge Marilyn Milian about her recovery from bunion surgery.  She said that surgery to remove a bunion is very painful and you must allow a long and painful recovery process which can last up to 8 weeks.  Judge Milian (who still had a cast on her foot) said that if you are going to have this surgery performed be sure that you have a supporting cast of friends and family around you to help you through this process.  She told Dr. Oz that she doesn’t think people should have bunion surgery performed simply for vanity reasons.   She warned that the surgery and recovery process is painful so the surgery should only be done if absolutely necessary.Risk Factors For BunionsDr. Crystal Holmes assisted Dr. Oz with this segment to share some risk factors and recommendations to prevent bunions from happening to you.

  • Family history of bunions
  • Wearing narrow high heel shoes
  • Arthritis

Dr. Oz said that bunions are a painful condition that are more common than people think.  Preventing bunions from occurring in the first place is better than trying to treat them.How Exostectomy Bunion Surgery Is PerformedJudge Milian had the Exostectomy Bunion surgery performed.  Dr. Oz demonstrated what happens during this procedure :

    1. A numbing agent is given to the patient
    2. An incision is made where the bunion is located.  The skin at the point of incision is then folded under.  This exposes the bone.

The protruding bone is literally sawed away using a cutting tool.  The skin is then folded back up at the point of incision and sewed back together.

So does Judge Marilin Milian regret having this surgery performed?  She said that she felt that the procedure was best for her condition and she doesn’t regret it, but the long and painful recovery process was very eye opening to her.

Recommendations from Podiatrist Crystal Holmes

Once again Dr. Holmes stated that you should never have bunion surgery performed for vanity reasons.  She said that you should look for more conservative alternate procedures first before you consider surgery.

Bunion Pads and Other Prevention Tips

  • Add some cushion and support to your high heels by adding inserts.
  • Apply bunion pads to the sides of your foot where friction may cause a problem.
  • Pick out shoes with a wider (and rounded) toe box

Toe Strengthening Exercises To Prevent Bunions

Pick up a golf ball off the floor with your toes.  Exercises like this is a great way to strengthen your toes.

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