Dr Oz, Corydalis for Pain, Butt Pillow magnesium migraine remedy

Dr. Oz Talks About Natural Painkillers – Corydalis For Back Pain, Magnesium Migraine Remedy

People who suffer with chronic pain on a day to day basis have a hard time functioning on just regular day to day tasks without needing some sort of painkiller.  On Dr. Oz’s March 13, 2014 episode Dr. Oz shared some natural pain killers that can help to ease pain without resorting to prescription drugs.

Dr. Oz – Corydalis Contains DHCB (Powerful Natural Painkiller)

Dr. Oz said that Corydalis (aka…. Chinese Poppy) is an all natural painkiller that can be a “game changer” for anyone who has to endure chronic pain.  Corydalis is so effective at pain management because it contains DHCB.  This powerful painkiller does not have any side effects and there is no risk for addiction!

What kinds of pain is Corydalis good for?

Dr. Daniel Hsu (an acupuncturist) explained to Dr. Oz and the audience that Corydalis can treat a wide assortment of pain.  It is very effective at treating back pain, spine, menstrual cramping etc…  Dr. Hsu said that Corydalis is not habit forming and you don’t build up a tolerance to it over time!  However, they did say that you should not take Corydalis granule supplements if you are pregnant or have an irregular heartbeat.

You can take Corydalis Supplements in powdered granule form or capsules.  You can find Corydalis online or in a Chinese Pharmacy.

Magnesium Is A Natural Painkilling Remedy For Migraines

The pain from migraine headaches can literally bring you to your knees.  Dr. Oz said that the majority of people who get migraines are deficient of magnesium.  If you experience migraine headaches Dr. Oz recommended that you should take a Magnesium Citrate Supplement.  You may find that the frequency of your migraines will be greatly reduced if you aren’t deficient of this important nutrient.

Dosage : 400-600 milligrams each day

Butt Pillows Relieve Lower Back Pain

The last natural pain-killing remedy that Dr. Oz shared on todays (3-13-2014) episode was a butt pillow for lower back pain.  Dr. Oz said that a horseshoe shaped butt pillow will work the best.

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