Dr Oz, Calculate Sleep Efficiency & Type, Bad Health Habits

Dr. Oz August 28, 2013 Topics : Calculate Your Sleep Efficiency, Bad Health Habits, and Self Exams

On August 28, 2013 will be talking about bad health habits that you may be participating every day without even thinking about it.  Do you use your spouse’s toothbrush, drink from a jug out of the fridge, or borrow your partner’s razor while shaving?  Which bad health habit should you be concerned about and which ones really aren’t even a bad habit at all.  Dr. Oz also does a segment on calculating your sleep efficiency and determining what type you are.  Do you give yourself self exams at home? Dr. Oz talks about which exams you or your spouse or partner should be performing regularly.  Here are summaries of the episode segments that were featured on the August 28, 2013 episode.

Which Common Bad Health Habits Do You Do?

Dr. Oz polled his fans to come up with the most common bad health practices that they perform regularly.  He talks about bad health habits like using someone else’s toothbrush or razor, drinking from the milk or juice container, and more.  He talks about each habit individually and explains why that are (or are not) unhealthy health habits.  Using Someones Toothbrush, Borrowing A Razor – Bad Health Habits

Testicular Cancer Self Exams & Hernia Risks

Testicular cancer and self exams often fall under the radar so on August 28, 2013 Dr. Oz spent a segment talking about the importance of testicular exams and how to perform them.  Dr. Oz talks about testicular cancer, the symptoms, and performs a demonstration of what a hernia is.  Be sure to stay informed about how (and how often) testicular cancer exams should be done and the proper technique.

Testicular Cancer and How To Do a Self Exam

Calculate Your Sleep Type, Efficiency and How To Sleep Through The Night

Do you have a problem falling asleep, staying asleep, or find that your sleep is restless and of poor quality?  If so, you have plenty of company because sleeping problems affections millions all throughout the country.  Dr. Oz invited Dr. Michael Breuss on to the show to talk about how you can calculate your sleeping type, efficiency and how you can improve the quality of sleep you are experiencing.  Learn how to recognize your “sleep efficiency” and techniques to improve your sleeping patterns at night.

Dr. Oz, Sleep Efficiency Type and How to Sleep Through The Night

Guests to be featured on the Dr. Oz August 28, 2013 episode : Michael Breuss, Michael Grandner

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