Dr Oz, Calming & Anger Management Foods, Pumpkin Seeds, Kiwi, Peppers

Dr Oz Talks About Foods To Calm, Manage Your Anger, and Lower Your Blood Pressure

During one of the latter segments on today’s show Dr. Oz talked about anger management foods suck as kiwi, popcorn, pumpkin seeds, and barley.  Dr. Oz talks about testosterone and how it is  not just a hormone for men.  Food should be thought of a medicine when it comes to your health. Dr. Oz talks about how you can even lower your blood pressure with pumpkin seeds!

Calming and Anger Management Foods

Do you often find yourself stressed out and on the verge of flying off the handle?  Dr. Oz said that eating the right foods can help to calm you down and manage your anger.  Frances Largeman Roth (dietician) joined Dr. Oz to talk about foods that help to keep you at ease.

Have Some Kiwi To Start Your Day

If you roll out of bed and are feeling all stressed out before the day begins, try having some Kiwi for breakfast.  Dr. Roth said that Kiwi is an excellent source of Vitamin C and it’s powerful anti-oxidants are great for managing stress in the body.  Dr. Roth said that we do not make Vitamin C naturally in the body so we need to get it from the food that we consume.  Have a kiwi each morning for a big vitamin C boost and antioxidant power.

Lower Your Blood Pressure With Pumpkin Seeds

Dr. Roth said that pumpkin seeds are a great mid morning snack which will help to keep your blood sugar levels in check (and help keep you from overeating at lunch!).  Pumpkin seeds also have the added benefit of lowering your blood pressure. Pumpkin seeds are high in magnesium which helps to stabilize your blood pressure.  She suggests eating 1/4 cups a day.

Barley Keeps Your Blood Sugar Steady

The next food that Dr. Roth shared with Dr. Oz is barley.  She said that people get irritable when their blood sugar gets out of whack.  She said that this often happens when people skip breakfast.  She suggested adding some barley to your lunch. This will keep your blood sugar steady and get you through the afternoon lull.  She suggested eating 1 cup 3 to 4 times per week.

Hot Peppers Are A Calming Food

Another anger management food that Dr. Frances Largeman-Roth suggested to Dr. Oz was hot peppers.  She suggested eating hot peppers in the evening because they help to calm you down.  They contain an ingredient called capsaicin which helps to relax the body.  She said that hot peppers also boost your endorphin levels!  She suggested eating 1 small pepper three to four times per week.

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