Dr Oz Calorie Type Quiz / Recipes For Low, Medium, High Diet types

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Earlier in the season Dr. Oz talked about his revolutionary 21 Day Breakthrough Diet that has helped millions lose weight and become accustomed to eating a more nutritious diet.  Today Dr. Oz and Chris Powell shared a “Calorie Type Quiz” to help you identify how many calories you should have in a day to help you lose weight.  Take this Calorie Type Quiz to find the ideal range that you fall into.

Calorie Type Quiz – Personalize Your Weight Loss Plan

Enter your weight in LBs into a calculator.  Multiply that # by 8 and then add 200.  What number did you get?

  • 1500 or lower
  • 1500-1800
  • 1800 or higher

Low Calorie Type (1500 or lower) – If you got the low calorie type you need to consume 1500 calories or less to lose weight. This may seem difficult, but if  you eat some of Dr. Oz’s healthy recipes it won’t be as hard as you think!

Low Calorie Type Diet Plan and Recipes

Here are suggestions of foods that you can eat on the Low Calorie Type Plan :

  • Egg white veggie omelets with spinach and tomatoes.
  • For lunch maybe try cauliflower rice with grilled chicken with sliced cucumbers on the size.
  • For dinner you can try spiralized noodles, sugar snap peas, with steamed shrimp.
  • Snacks for Low Calorie Types – Celery sticks, and apples were suggestions Dr. Oz gave to give you that “crunch” satisfaction between meals.

Here are the Low Calorie Type Recipes that Dr Oz recommended for you.

Medium Calorie Types – Diet Plan and Recipes

Did you fall in th 1500 – 1800 calorie type?  Here is the medium calorie plan that Dr. Oz shared on today’s (Febrary 10, 2017) episode :

Chris Powell said that medium calorie type people should eat nutrient dense foods alongside high volume veggies.  Examples that were given were :

  • Breakfast – Low fat Greek yogurt (8 ounces) with sliced banana on top with a side of sliced tomatoes and egg whites.
  • Lunch – Cauliflower rice with grilled chicken as well as a sweet potato.
  • Dinner – Large green salad, quinoa, and beans.
  • Snack ideas – Cheddar cheese cubes (four), sliced apples.

Why Medium Calorie Type People Should Eat This Type of Diet?

Nutrient dense foods curb cravings.  Snacking on fruit, low fat dairy and starchy veggies (like the sweet potato example Dr. Oz gave for lunch) allows you to stick to your calorie limit while staying fool.  Eat foods that are high in protein and fiber and you won’t feel hungry.

Looking for Medium Calorie Type Dr Oz Recipes?  <<< Here are many recipes that you can eat that will fall in the 1500-1800 calorie a day limit that Dr. Oz and Chris Powell suggests.

High Calorie Types – You Can Eat 1800+ Calories

Foods to Eat For Breakfast (High Calorie Types) – You should eat healthy fats, but be careful not to go overboard.  They suggested eating an egg inside of a half of avocado with sliced bananas.  You also get to enjoy sliced tomatoes on the side.

Foods To Eat For Lunch – Dr. Oz and Chris Powell gave the example of eating 1/4 cup of brown rice with grilled chicken and a sweet potato for dinner.  << Sounds like a meal plan that I could handle.

Foods to Eat for Dinner – Large salad mixed with olives, olive oil, quinoa and beans.

Snack ideas – 1 tbsp of almond butter spread on sliced apple wedges.  Or four cheddar cheese cubes.

Here are the High Calorie Type Recipes that Dr. Oz has put together for you.

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Today’s Dr. Oz show was originally aired on February 10, 2017