Dr Oz, Cameron Diaz “24 Hour” The Body Book, Health Quiz

Dr. Oz January 15, 2014 : Cameron Diaz Talks About Her Health Transformation and “The Body Book”

Actress and now health guru, Cameron Diaz will be featured on the Dr. Oz January 15, 2014 episode.  She will be sitting down to talk with Dr. Oz about when she began to take her health seriously and transformed her body and mind.   She will be talking about her book called “The Body Book”

Cameron will be sharing the knowledge that she has gained though her own personal experience and what she has learned from consultations from leading health experts.  Cameron will be talking about why people shouldn’t fear hunger.  Instead you should embrace hunger by feeding it with nutrient dense foods.  If you love Cameron Diaz on the big screen, her interview on Dr. Oz will give you a whole other side of Cameron to appreciate.

Cameron believes that physical activity is essential in maintaining good health.  She doesn’t gauge her health by just the amount of weight she has gained or lost.  She explains why physical activity will also boost your energy, improve your moods, and ward off illness.

Cameron Diaz Health and Weight Loss Tips

Cameron will be sharing health and weight loss advice on the 1-14-2014 Dr. Oz program.  She will be revealing her secret formula to a long lasting and healthier life.  Regardless of your age, you can immediately put some of Cameron’s tips into action to look and feel better.

How Healthy Are You Quiz

When you look in the mirror you may appear healthy, but are you healthy on the inside as well?  Dr. Oz will be inviting the viewers to participate in a health quiz to find out how healthy you really are.  Be sure to tune in to the show to find out how you fare!

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