Dr. Oz, Cancer & Antioxidant Link, Glowing Skin Secret

Dr. Oz Will Be Talking About Antioxidants And Whether They May Be Dangerous To Our Health

Dr. Oz, antioxidants

Are Antioxidants Healthy Or Dangerous on Dr. Oz.

On February 22, 2013 Dr. Oz will be talking about anti-oxidants…  We have been grown to believe that antioxidants are good for our health and fight free radicals inside of our body.   Could there be more to this issue, and could it in fact be a myth?    Could antioxidants actually be dangerous? Dr. Oz delves into this subject and gets into the research behind anti-oxidants and what we all should believe?

There have been some reports that anti-oxidants cause cancer..  We always have been led to believe that antioxidants fight disease and cancer!  What are we supposed to believe?  On 2-22-2013 Dr. Oz investigates this question to find out the latest evidence.    Is it possible that our long held believes about anti-oxidants could be harming our health rather than being beneficial?  Tune in to the Dr. Oz February 22, 2013 episode to find out all of the details!  If you will not be able to tune into the episode consider Liking “Fans of Dr. Os” on Facebook to view the show recaps and summaries.

Updated : Today’s show has been aired and here are the episode segments that were featured :

How To Make Your Skin Glow

The hands of time stop for no man or woman… We will all age, day by day by day….  However, are there secrets that can make you age more gracefully?  Absolutely!   On 2-22-2013 Dr. Oz will be inviting on skin experts to talk about holistic methods to make your skin glow.   Learn how to increase your skin elasticity, increase collagen production, and brink back the supple appearance to your skin…

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