Dr Oz, Cancer Pee Test, Symptoms – Pain, Pink Color, Flow, Burning

Dr. Oz Talks About A Cancer Pee Test To Look For Symptoms of Cancer

Early detection is always very important when dealing with cancer.  On Dr. Oz’s January 22, 2014 episode Dr. Oz talks about 3 pee tests that you can take on your next trip to the bathroom.

Pee Test #1 – Color Of Your Urine

How often do you look at your urine when you go to the restroom?  Dr. Oz said that you should be looking at the color of your pee because it can give you early detection warning signs for various types of cancer.  Here are the colors that Dr. Oz talked about during this segment of the show :

Cloudy urine – Usually this means that you have an infection of some sort.

Bright yellow pee – If your urine is a bright yellow it usually means that you are dehydrated.  Dr. Oz said that you should be drinking more water of this is the color you see.

Pinkish colored urine – If you notice that your pee has a pink tint to it, this could be a cause for concern.  Dr. Oz said that it could be a symptom of blood cells that are being released into your bladder.  This is a sign of bladder cancer.  Fortunately, bladder cancer can be treated effectively when it is diagnosed early.  This is why observation of your urine is important so you can catch cancers while they are still treatable.Pee Test #2 – Flow RateDr. Oz said that you should also be observing the flow rate of your urine.  Here are the symptoms that he spoke of on todays (1-22-2014) episode :

  • Your urine dribbles out
  • Continuous flow
  • Your pee gushes out

The flow rate at which you should be concerned is if your pee is just dribbling out.  This can be a cause for concern.  Sometimes cancer in that area can block off your flow.

Pee Test #3 – Do You Feel Pain?

Dr. Oz said that you shouldn’t feel pain while urinating.  Painful sensations that were talked about were :

Pain from deep within – If you feel a deep internal pain while going pee, it could be that you have kidney stones.

Bladder cramping – Usually this type of pain is from menstrual reasons.

Burning sensation – This often is a symptom of UTI infections.  However, it can also be a sign of vulvar cancer.  Dr. Oz suggested taking a mirror and inspecting yourself and look for any sores or cuts that shouldn’t be there.  Vulvar cancer is another cancer that is very easily treatable when caught in the early stages!

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