Dr Oz Cancer Screenings To Avoid, Which Tests Are Necessary & Helpful

Dr. John Santa Talks About Cancer Screenings and Which Tests Are Unnecessary

During this episode Dr. Oz invited Dr. John Santa on to the show to talk about cancer screenings and which tests are unnecessary and to be avoided.  This topic was controversial to Dr. Oz because he believes that prevention can be the best medicine.  However, Dr. John Santa and Consumer reports believe that 8 out 11 very common cancer tests are not necessary if you aren’t experiencing any symptoms.  Below are summaries of the what was talked about during this segment on today’s show.  Also be sure to check out the top three cancer tests that Dr. Oz says you should get and at what age you should get a mammogram, colonoscopy, and pap smear.

Can Cancer Screenings Be Harmful To Your Health?

Dr. John Santa is the director for consumer reports health ratings.  He said that some cancer tests cause more harm because they often lead to undue stress, anxiety, and even lead to treatments that aren’t necessary and can even be harmful to your health.  Dr. Oz raised the counter point that doctors have always been taught in medical school to encourage patients to get tests done that can pick up on cancers in the early stages so they can increase the patients chances of survival. Dr. John Santa then told Dr. Oz cancer survival rates are actually misleading.  He said misleading advertising promises are very common when it comes to cancer tests.

Are Cervical Cancer Tests Harmful To Women?

Dr. John Santa said that many times cervical cancer in women often goes away on it’s own.  He said that with some of the screenings that are out today they are picking up the cancer in such early stages that the cancer may go away on it’s own at this stage.  He said invasive surgeries that may be problematic for the woman in the future may be unnecessary when the cancer may go away on it’s own anyway.  He said the same scenario is often the case with various other forms of cancer.

Can Cancer Screening Be Harmful To Your Health?

Dr. Santa feels that many people are going out and getting tests that they simply do not neet.  He told Dr. Oz that he feels that you are putting yourself in harms way by getting unnecessary tests.  He said that these screenings often point to false positives which ultimately lead to unnecessary and risky treatments.  Not to mention the radiation exposure that the patient will undergo.  Dr. Oz remained concerned about Dr. Santa’s rationale.  He feels that if a test can save one person’s life the screenings are worth any of the risks involved.  He does however feel that the patient should make the decision for themselves and letting everyone know both sides of the debate to cancer testing is important.

What Does Dr. Oz Recommend When It Comes To Cancer Screenings?

Pancreatic, Lung, and Bladder Cancers

Dr. Oz said that the following recommendations are only for those that have no risk factors or symptoms.  He said currently he doesn’t feel that the cancer tests that they have available for these types of cancers can detect the disease in time to make a difference.

Ovarian, Prostate, and Testicular Cancer

Dr. Oz does feel that screenings for these cancers are indeed helpful for the patient.

Oral and Skin Cancers

Dr. Oz does not agree with Dr. John Santa’s (and Consumer Reports) opinion that these cancer tests are unnecessary.  He said that tests for oral and skin cancers are non-invasive and can be done right there in the doctors office.

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What is your opinion?

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