Dr Oz, Carb Rules Reduce Cancer & Diabetes Risk, Resistant Pasta

Dr. Oz Talks With Dr. Chutkan About Carb Rules To Prevent Cancer and Diabetes – Resistant Starches

Today Dr. Oz invited Dr. Chutkan on to the show to talk about how resistant starches can help prevent cancer & diabetes.  During this segment of the show they talk about starches work to prevent diabetes and cancer.  Not only do resistant starches help to ward off disease they can also help you shed those unwanted inches and lose weight!  Trim your waistline be eating carbs that you may have once thought were off limits!

Carb Rules To Follow To Lower Your Risk For Diabetes & Cancer

Dr. Robynne said that there are 4 carbohydrate rules that everyone should follow to prevent cancers and diabetes.  Robynne said that if you follow these rules you will greatly enhance your digestion and act as a “prebiotic”.

Carb Rule #1 – Undercook Your Pasta – Dr. Robynne Chutkan explained that if you eat your pasta under cooked it will be more resistant and less will released into your system to be turned into sugar.  Dr. Oz gave the tip of cooking your pasta 3 to 4 minutes less than what the package calls for.  This simple rule will allow you to eat pasta a couple of times a week without causing any weight gain.

Carb Rule #1 – Cook and Cool Technique – Cooling down your carbs before eating it makes it become more resistant to being broken down into sugars.  For example, you should eat brown rice with beans at room temperature.  Eating your carbs cooled down won’t cause the same type of blood sugar spike.  You can eat beans and brown rice 2 or 3 times each week as a main course if you follow this rule.

Carb Rule #3 – “Buy The B’s” – Bread, beans, and barley.  All of these resistant carbs are high in fiber.  This will help to make you feel full without insulin spikes that simple carbs will cause.

Carb Rule #4 – Eat Green Bananas – Dr. Chutkan is from Jamaica and she said that her home country eats green bananas in a similar fashion as American’s eat mashed potatoes.  They mash them up and are eaten as the starch of their meal.  She told Dr. Oz that ripe bananas are healthy but green bananas have more fiber and are more resistant (will give you less of a sugar spike).  You can prepare green bananas by boiling them (with their skin peels still on) and then mash them.  She said that you can enjoy 2 or 3 green bananas each week. However she only recommends 1 to 2 ripe bananas per week if you are wanting to lose weight.

Add A Probiotic Supplement To Your Diet

Dr. Oz said that you should consider adding a probiotic supplement.  Resistant starches are a prebiotic so if you add a probiotic to your diet you will improve the health of your colon and will create a healthy environment for good bacteria to thrive in your colon.

Resistant Starches

Dr. Chutkan recommends replacing your white flour with more resistant starches in your pantry.  She said resistant starch flour has double the fiber as to what white fiber has.  The flour’s that she recommends are : sorghum, corn, and green banana flour.  She said that you should replace 1/3 cup of resistant starch flour in each cup of regular flour when you are making your favorite recipes (like pizza!).  She said to look for the labeling to say that it is a resistant starch.

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