Dr Oz, Cardamom Tea Sugar Cravings, 3 Spices Stop That Cravings

3 Spices That Kill Food Cravings – Cardamom Tea, Turmeric and Cloves

Today Dr. Oz did a segment about 3 spices that will stop food cravings.  If you frequently suffer from salty or sugar cravings Dr. Oz had some solutions to you.  Dr. Oz also talks about how cloves can stabilize your blood sugar which will help to reduce food cravings further.

Turmeric Reduces Cravings For Salty Foods

When many people are trying to lose weight, one of the most common culprits that lead them astray on their diets is the cravings for salty foods (like potato chips!)  Dr. Oz said that there is a spice that is likely in your cupboards that can kill salty food cravings.  Dr. Oz suggested sprinkling turmeric on your food during meal times to reduce cravings for salty foods.  Add turmeric to foods like eggs, vegetables, or chicken to help ward of those diet busting cravings for salty foods.

Cardamom Tea Stops Sugar Cravings

Many people begin a diet with the best intentions.  Lose weight, feel better, live a healthier lifestyle, etc… but sugar based foods like candy, cookies, cake, donuts, etc… get in the way.  Dr. Oz said that Cardamom Tea is a great way to halt sugar cravings in their tracks.  He said that Americans consume 16 more tsps of sugar every day that what they should.  Cardamom is a spice that will add a touch of sweetness in your food and ward off sugar cravings.  Here are the suggestions that were given :

  • Sprinkle Cardamom spice on your oatmeal in the morning
  • Have a couple cups of Cardamom Tea throughout the day.  This is Dr. Oz’s favorite kind of tea!

Stabilize Your Blood Sugar With Cloves and Stop Carb Cravings

Dr. Oz recommended eating cloves to stabilize your blood sugar.  When your blood sugar is spiking or plummeting cravings for carbohydrates often go through the roof.

Tip : Reduce your carb cravings by adding a pinch of cloves and a pinch of cinnamon to some yogurt in the morning.

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