Dr Oz, Catching Ringworm From Pet, Blood Pressure & Optometrists

Dr. Oz Talks About How Hairdressers and Optometrist’s Can Save Your Life!

Today Dr. Oz talks about how certain professions can actually save your life!  During his segment called the “unlikeliest health detectives”, Dr. Oz talks with Dr. Keri Peterson about how hair dressers, optometrists, and dental hygienists can spot cancers, notice high blood pressure, and can even let you know that you suffer from sleep apnea! Also be sure to check out the prior segments on stress relieving recipes and tips to reduce stress and anxiety.

How Hairdressers Can Save Your Life

Dr. Keri Peterson said that hair dressers can be the first to notice that you have skin cancer on your scalp!  She said that hair dressers often look for skin irregularities or suspicious looking moles.  Considering the back of your head is difficult to examine, your hair dresser just may be the first person to notice a skin regularity that you should definitely have examined by your doctor!

Your Dental Hygienist Can Tell If You Have Sleep Apnea

Many people suffer from sleep apnea and don’t even realize it.  The next “unlikely health detective” that Dr. Peterson talked about on Dr. Oz was Dental Hygienists.  She said that your dental hygienist can notice if you have an enlarged tongue.  She said that they can notice if your tongue slips back to the back of your throat during the exam.  She said your tongue does the same thing while you are sleeping so this can be a indicator that you may have sleep apnea.  Dental hygienists can also notice if you suffer from thyroid problems, acid reflux, and even diabetes.  She said that one of the symptoms of diabetes is an excessively dry mouth.

Optometrists Can Tell If You Have High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Dr. Peterson explained to Dr. Oz that your Optometrist can save your life by noticing symptoms that you may have high blood pressure and cholesterol.  She said that high blood pressure and cholesterol can cause changes to the blood vessels in your eye which they can see while giving you an eye exam.  She also said that Optometrists can even notice plaque in the arteries of your eye.  She said that if you have plaque in the blood vessels in your eyes it is also likely that the blood vessels to your heart have a buildup of plaque as well.  This is a good indicator that you have high cholesterol.

Does Your Pet Have Ringworm? If So, You May Too!

Dr. Oz talked to veterinarian Danielle Rawlins about the high probability that if your cat has ringworm, you may too!  She said that if she diagnoses a pet with ringworm she asks the pets owner if they are experiencing any symptoms for ringworm too.  She said that if your pet has ringworm then there is a 60 percent chance that you do too!

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