Dr Oz, Catnaps Are Healthy, 10 Minute Nap Tips To Boost Energy

Dr. Oz Talks About Catnaps And Why Just A 10 Minute Catnap Boosts Your Energy

Are you tired of feeling…….tired all of the time?  If so, today’s Dr. Oz April 15, 2014 episode is for you.  Dr. Oz spoke about why taking a short catnap is good for you and napping for just 10 minutes is much better than napping for longer periods of times.  Get back your energy so you can charge through your day with more energy and vigor!

Why A 10 Minute Catnap Boosts Your Energy

Dr. Oz said that he takes a nap a few time a week to help give him an energy boost on days when he is feeling a bit run down.  He said that catnaps aren’t a sign of being lazy at all and are not just for kids!  Dr. Oz said that taking a 10 minute nap is healthy for you and will help you to recharge your batteries and give you the energy you need all throughout the rest of your day.

Why Short Naps Are Better Than Long Naps

Dr. Oz said that 10-20 minute naps are the best because you don’t enter a “deep sleep”….  You  can still wake up easily and you will have more energy.  You also won’t feel groggy like you would if you would have taken a longer nap.  Dr. Oz said that a 30-60 nap will cause you to enter a deeper sleep.  They are much harder to wake up from and you won’t feel the surge of energy that you would from a short catnap.  A 90 minute nap will cause you to enter a “Dream Sleep”…  These are also easy to wake up from but you will only get the same energy boost as you would from a 10 minute nap.  Most people don’t have 90 minutes to be napping throughout the days, so a 10 minute catnap is the best way to give yourself a surge of energy so you can meet the demands of the day with gusto!Taking A Catnap TipsHere are the tips that Dr. Oz gave on how and when you should catnap each day to receive energy boosting benefits :

  • Find a space that is quiet
  • Sleep in an upright position
  • Take your nap while holding an object in your hand that will fall and wake you back up
  • You can avoid feeling groggy by drinking a cup of coffee right before your nap.

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