Dr Oz, Cheap Face Lifts (Liquid Eye & Fractora Firm), Hypnosis Weight Loss

Dr. Oz : Lose Weight Through Hypnosis & Cheap Facelift Options (Fractora Firm & Liquid Eye Lift)

On June 19, Dr. Oz show, Paul McKenna (world renowned hypnotist) on to the show to talk about how you can use the power of hypnosis to help you conquer your food cravings by using the power of hypnosis and self affirming methods.  The power of suggestion has been used for many years to help people lose weight and Paul McKenna is going to show all the viewers an easy self hypnosis trick that you can perform at home to help with weight loss.. He also will be talking about cheap facelift options such as the Fractora Firm and the Liquid Eye Lift to help you look years younger without emptying your wallet.  Listed below are the episode segments that were featured on today’s show.

Cheap Beauty Bargains – Fractora Firm & Liquid Eye Lift To Look Years Younger

During this segment on the show Dr. Oz talks about inexpensive beauty bargains that give you the results that expensive facelift surgeries do, but are cheaper and don’t require any sort of surgery!  If you have been considering having a facelift performed be sure to tune in to the Dr. Oz show to talk about cheaper alternative options!

Fractora Firm Facelift Procedure – Did you know that the average expense of a face lift is approximately 10 thousand dollars?  Not only are face lifts terribly expensive, they also carry risks since they are a surgical procedure.  Plastic Surgeon Anthony Youn joins Dr. Oz on stage to demonstrate how the Fractora Facelift was performed and how it can help you to look years younger.  In comparison to the 10k costs that other facelifts cost, the Fractora Firm costs only 300 dollars, you don’t go under the knife, is painless, and results are seen immediately!

Liquid Eye Lift – This simple procedure doesn’t require surgery either.. The procedure is quick and less invasive than traditional eye lifts. While a needle is used it is much less invasive.  The liquid eye lift is very effective and will save you 1000’s of dollars in comparison to surgical treatments.

Read the entire summary on the Fractora Firm and Liquid Eyelift to see if these procedures may be right for you.

Hypnosis Weight Loss Trick To Conquer Food Cravings

When people have trouble losing weight, one of the biggest reasons why is that they ultimately give in to food cravings.  Food cravings can quickly wreck your diet and your weight loss goals altogether.  On June 19 2013 Dr. Oz talks to Paul McKenna (expert hypnotist) to talk about hypnosis tricks that you can do at home to overcome food cravings and lose weight.

Read the entire summary of Paul McKenna’s Hypnosis Tips To Help You Lose Weight.

Paul McKenna’s Weight Loss Tips

Tired of sabotaging your own diet by giving in to food cravings or eating too much.  Paul Mckenna has the tips to help you overcome your weight loss obstacles.  He talks about how blindfolding yourself while eating can help you lose weight as well as other simple behavioral changes to help you to lose weight easier.Paul McKenna’s Weight Loss Tips

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