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Dr. Oz Shares Chemical Free Laundry Tips – Metamucil and White Vinegar Prevents Blood Sugar Spikes

Feeling low on energy and you can seem to pinpoint why?  Today Dr. Oz talks about how your blood sugar may be behind your exhaustion.  He also demonstrates how the pancreas sends out chemicals that are critical in the digestion process.  The pancreas also plays a role of insulin production and blood sugar regulation.  Here are the tips that Dr. Oz gave how you can play a role in regulating your blood sugar by what you put into your body.

Metamucil, Cinnamon, and White Vinegar = 3 Natural Ways To Control Your Blood Sugar

Cinnamon – Add 1 to 2 tsps of cinnamon in the morning to your oatmeal to prevent blood sugar spikes.

White Vinegar – Drink 1 tsp before you eat high carbohydrate meals.  The white vinegar block digestive enzymes that convert the carbs into sugar in your body.

Metamucil – Psyllium Husk (The ingredient in Metamucil) is a fiber that can help to regulate your blood sugar.  It helps prevent blood sugar spikes.  Dr. Oz said to be sure to look for psyllium husk on the label.  This type of fiber will “sponge” up in the glass (and in your body) and soak up the excess sugars..   It also has the added benefit of lowering your cholesterol!  Dr. Oz said to add 1 serving of Metamucil into an 8 oz glass of water and drink before meals.

Chemical Free Laundry Tips

  • Baby powder is effective at removing grease stains from your clothes. Sprinkle on the powder and let it sit for 10 minutes (to absorb the grease stain) before you rub it off.
  • Crushed aspirin mixed with warm water will remove sweat stains! You should apply the aspirin and water mix to the sweat stains and allow to sit for 3 hours before putting the clothes into the wash.
  • Wad up a sheet of aluminum foil into a ball and throw into the washer as a chemical free way to prevent static cling in your clothes!

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