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Today (September 23, 2016) Dr. Oz did an episode on how to sleep better..  Dr. Oz said that he thought that he knew everything there was to know about sleep but he learned about a brand new approach that shows that up until now we have all been “in the dark”…  By taking the “Chronotype Quiz” you will know what your own personal chronotype is.

Each Chrono-Type that Dr. Oz talks about today thrives under different sleeping patterns and it explains why some people are “morning people” while others thrive at getting things accomplished while burning the midnight oil.  Find out why you have the sleep problems that you do and know the solutions for each sleeping problem according to which chronotype that you are.  You will even learn about what times of day that you should eat to lose weight because it all works together.

The “Sleep Pioneer” that has engineered this concept is Dr. Michael Breuss and he appeared on Dr. Oz to talk about chronotypes and why knowing what your is can help you to sleep better at night and function better during the day.  There are 4 types of Chronotypes.  They are :

  • Bear
  • Lion
  • Dolphin
  • Wolf

Dr. Oz asked Dr. Breuss about each type and here is what he said :

The Bear Chronotype – Bears are usually right in the middle..  They usually follow a day / night schedule.  Michael explained to Dr. Oz and the viewers that Bears usually follow the patterns of general society and sleep by the regular patterns of the solar cycle.

  • Bears like to get their 7-8 hours but do like to hit the snooze button once or twice.
  • Bear chronotypes like to be active during the day and restful at night.
  • Diet-Wise, Bears like to “graze” continuously in between meals (even if they are not hungry).
  • In the mornings it usually takes a Bear a couple of hours to feel awake.
  • Bears like to exercise sporadically and usually with mixed results.
  • Their BMI (Body Mass Index) usually tends to be average to high.
  • In the professional realm, Bears are team players, worker bees, and balanced thinkers.
  • Type B personalities.  Bear chrontypes don’t like drama!
  • Bears like to be around other people and get bored and restless if they are left alone for too long.
  • They don’t have high “highs” or low “lows”..
  • 50% of the population

Dolphin Chronotypes – Very intelligent people but also very problematic sleepers.  Obsessive compulsive, often to the point that they don’t get done what they meant to get accomplished.

  • 10% of the population
  • Cautious, neurotic, and strives for perfection.
  • Most active and accomplished at night.
  • Hard time falling back to sleep after they wake up (which can be often)

Wolf chronotypes – The Wolves are the night owls of the chronotypes.  Here are some of their traits :

  • Active at night
  • They don’t need a lot of sleep to function at high levels
  • Reacts emotionally
  • Most alert at 7PM

Lion Chronotypes – One of the traits that describe Lions is that they tend to go from A to B to C.

  • They are organized and like things done in an exact order.  They don’t like to deviate from how they like things done.
  • Early risers.
  • 15-20% of the population
  • Practical
  • Conscientious
  • Most alert at noon
  • Rarely takes a nap

Solutions To Sleeping Problems

Dr. Oz has invited Dr. Michael Breus on to the show many times over the years to talk about sleeping problems.  Dr. Brues said that for years he had the hardest time helping his patients.  He was trying cognitive behavioral therapy, sleep restriction and all the other things that he had been taught that helps people with sleeping problems.  Nothing was working.  Dr. Brues explained to Dr. Oz that he knew that he had to dig deeper.  What he found was that people with sleeping problems could be categorized into four groups.

Here is a helpful link if you would like to learn more about chronotypes and how they can help you to be happier, lose weight, sleep better, and just function in life better.

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Chronotype Quiz

You can take the online chronotype quiz from Michael Brues to answer some questions if you are not sure what type of chronotype you are and the solutions to help you sleep better.