Dr Oz, Clean Germs From Shower Curtain, Toothbrush, Bath Toys

Dr. Oz Talks About How To Clean Germs From Your Bathroom Shower Curtain, Toothbrush, & Bath Toys

Today Dr. Oz talks about germs and where the can be found all throughout your household.  During the opening segment Dr. Oz talks with a microbiologist about where kitchen germs can be found.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks with Christine Forte, from Good Housekeeping about bathroom germs and how to clean your toothbrush, shower curtain liner, and bath toys to keep your family safe from harmful germs and bacteria.

How To Clean Bacteria From Your Toothbrush

Dr. Oz talked to several women from the audience about the bathroom items they wanted to be tested for harmful bacteria.  The first woman brought up a toothbrush to be tested.  The “normal” levels of bacteria on a surface should be approximately 80.  However, the woman’s toothbrush had a troublesome 163..  The toothbrush holder had a mind boggling 7,506!!  Carolyn Forte from Good Housekeeping explained that your toothbrush contains so many germs is because it gets frequently wet and it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.  Carolyn said that you can protect your toothbbrush by shutting the toilet lid before you flush because germs are spread through the air this way.  You should also wash your toothbrush AND your toothbrush holder on a frequent basis.  You can even add your toothbrush to your dishwasher.

How To Clean Bacteria From Bath Toys

The # of bacteria found on a child’s bath toy tested at 4, 402 (the normal level is 80).  Caroline said that there is so much bacteria because the toys get wet and the insides of toys also get and can house water inside long after they take their bath.  This makes another breeding ground of bacteria in your bathroom.  Here are the suggestions that Caroline gave on today’s Dr. Oz :

    • Clean and rinse bath toys regularly
    • Store the bath toys in a mesh bag so air can get to them and they can dry
    • Add the solid toys to dishwashers
    • Soak the bath toys in a bleach and water solution

How To Clean Your Shower Curtain Liner

When people clean their bathrooms, many people often forget to clean the shower curtain liner as well.  They tested a shower curtain liner and the “germ #” was  3, 148… Remember a “normal” level of bacteria is 80!  Here are the suggestions that they gave on today’s Dr. Oz :

  • Wash your shower curtain liner in the washing mashing and add old rags and towels.  This helps to scrub the liner while it’s in the wash. This works great at cleaning your shower curtain liner as well as removing the bacteria.
  • When your shower is not in use remember to keep the liner spread open so it can dry.  When it is all creased up it allows for bacteria to grow because it remains wet for longer periods of time.

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