Dr Oz, Coconut Oil Lip Moisturizer Recipe, Steven Tyler Interview

Dr. Oz and Stephen Tyler January 2, 2014 Episode : Coconut Lip Moisturizer & Steven Tyler Interview

Today Dr. Oz invited the charismatic and talented musician / entertainer from Aerosmith on to the show to talk about his battles with addiction, and about the current events that are taking place in his life.  During one particular segment Dr. Oz and Steven played a game called “Steven Tyler’s Lip Service”.  Dr. Oz asked Steven about different lip remedies and if he thought they were “good or bad” for your lips.

  • Honey and Sugar Exfoliant – Dr. Oz said that a honey and sugar recipe is good for the health of your lips..
  • Hemorrhoid Creams – While hemorrhoid creams can be very beneficial and soothing for some parts of the body, it shouldn’t be used on your lips.
  • Matte Lipstick – Dr. Oz said that it is not healthy for your lips because this kind of lipstick will dry them out. Dr. Oz recommended applying moisturizer beneath the lipstick to help prevent your lips from drying out.
  • Coconut oil – Very good for your lips
  • Yogurt and cayenne pepper exfoliant – This is not a good lip therapy and shouldn’t be used.

High Heel Shoe Risks

Women love to wear high heels but there are health risks that Dr. Oz shared with the audience.  High heels can cause your achilles tendons to shorten, cause neck pain, back pain, and even disrupt the alignment of your spine.  Dr. Oz also talks about how to prevent problems caused by high heels and the best wedge shoes that you should wear.

Dr. Oz, High Heel Shoes Plantar Fasciitis Risk and Best Wedge Shoes To Wear

Dr. Oz Interview With Steven Tyler About Addiction

Steven Tyler has been through a well documented battle with addiction over the years.  Steven Tyler shares a message for those who are currently suffering through addiction and for those who are affected by the addiction of their loved ones.  Steven Tyler talks about his book “Being Sober” and how he has overcome his struggles and how he is currently coping today.

Steven Tyler Talks About Being Sober and The Betty Ford Treatment Center

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