Dr Oz, Coconut Palm Sugar, Carob Lowers Cholesterol, Clogged Arteries

Dr. Oz Talks About Coconut Palm Sugar, The Healthy Sweetener and Symptoms For Clogged Arteries

In the past Dr. Oz has told his fans to throw out all of those pink, yellow, and blue artificial artificial sweeteners because they are bad for you.  Today, Dr. Oz spoke of an all natural sweetener, coconut palm sugar that he loves as a substitute for white sugar.  Coconut palm sugar actually has nutritional value and on top of that it will keep your blood sugar levels stabilized.  This alternative to sugar will help keep your insulin levels from spiking to dangerous levels and is an option that anyone who has diabetes should consider.

Coconut Palm Sugar Reduces Sugar Cravings

Coconut Palm Sugar was passed out to the members of Dr. Oz’s audience to see what they thought about the taste of this natural sweetener.  The vast majority of the audience loved the taste of coconut palm sugar and feel that they could easily use it as an alternative to white sugar.  Dr. Oz said that one of the most exciting benefits about coconut palm sugar is that you stop craving white sugar and your cravings for sweet foods are reduced.  Dr. Oz first became aware of the benefits of coconut palm sugar from one of his fans who wrote him and testified how she lost 15 pounds and her cravings for sugar was greatly reduced!

How To Use Coconut Palm Sugar in Your Recipes

  • Use a ratio of 1:1 coconut palm sugar to regular sugar

Symptoms of Clogged Arteries

Did you know that there are signs that you can look for to tell if your arteries may be clogged?  Here are the warning signs and symptoms that you should look for :

  • Always having cold feet.
  • Hair loss – Dr. Oz said that hair loss could be a sign of clogged arteries because not enough blood flow is getting to the head because of plaque build up.  Dr. Oz said that you also may notice hair loss on your legs.
  • Pain in your calves while walking

Carob Powder Lowers Your Cholesterol

If you do have clogged arteries, you have the power to clean them up.  One of those ways is to lower your bad cholesterol.  Carob powder is a natural and healthy substitute for Cocoa powder that you can use to help lower your cholesterol.  It is loaded with vitamins and minerals.  You can sprinkle carob powder into your yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies, or any other dish that would blend well with this chocolaty flavor.

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