Dr. Oz, Coffee Increases Stress, Lavender Oil Helps You Sleep n Relax

Dr. Oz Talks About How Coffee Increases Your Stress and How To Reduce It With Lavender Oil

You could hide in a closet or pull the blankets over your head.  There is no hiding from stress.  While we can’t totally avoid stress in our life, there are some steps we can take so we don’t increase it voluntarily!  Today (February 14 Valentines Day episode) Dr. Oz spoke about how and why coffee can increase your stress levels as well as the most common health traps that women fall into.  Dr. Oz also talks about how lavender oil is a great remedy to reduce the stress levels in your life.  Listed below are the “health traps” that Dr. Oz talked about during the opening episode.

Coffee Can Increase Your Stress

Dr. Oz said that one of the most common health traps that women fall into is using caffeine as a coping mechanism for stress.  It may seem like a quick fix for the time being, but in the long run it actually increases your stress. Dr. Oz said that it’s perfectly fine to have a cup of coffee when you wake up in the morning, but you shouldn’t have to rely on it to get you through your day.  Here are some stress relieving coffee alternatives that Dr. Oz suggested on today’s show.

  • Drink Green Tea instead
  • Eat some oatmeal for breakfast.  Its a natural soother.
  • Give yourself (even better, have someone else give you) a soothing scalp massage

Are Frozen Diet Meals Good Or Bad For You?

Many women rely on frozen diet meals to help them to lose weight.  This is another common health trap that women fall into.  Dr. Oz said that frozen calories can contain 20 percent more calories that what it says on the package.  This is a “leeway allowance” that is given by the FDA.    If you are counting calories, this can add up quick.  A 300 calorie meal will mean that you may be consuming an extra 60 calories… With each meal!  Dr. Oz did the calculations (and extra 180 calories a day x 365) equals a weight gain of 19 pounds in a year!  Dr. Oz said that it’s fine to eat a frozen meal a couple of times a week, but try to alternate in more salads, fruits and how grains that will give you a better idea of how many calories that you are consuming.

Reduce Your Stress With Lavender Oil

The last health trap that Dr. Oz talked about today is when you try to catch up on your week long sleep deprivation by overloading on your sleep on the weekends.  This can throw your circadian rhythms out of balance.  Dr. Oz said that when you sleep too much during the weekend it will actually make you even more sleepy during the week.  Here are the recommendations that Dr. Oz gave for this health trap :

  • Stick to a set sleeping schedule
  • Take short 10 minute cat naps.  This will give you energy while not messing up your sleeping patterns at night.
  • Drop a few drops of lavender oil on to your pillow.  The lavender oil is soothing and will help you relax and fall asleep.

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