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How To Ease Your Pain Without Taking Pain Pills

Most of us has had a back ache or sore neck that has caused us pain. However, some of us experience chronic pain and it seems like the only way to find relief is by resorting to pain pills.  On today’s  show Dr. Oz talks about cutting edge ways to cure your pain without the need for pain pills.  During this segment he has the answers for the 3 biggest complaints his viewers have about pain, called the “No Pill Pain Busters”.

Cold Laser Therapy For Neck Pain

cold laser therapy, neck pain, pain cures without pills

How To Cure Pain Without Taking Pain Pills on Dr. Oz

Neck pain can really hamper your ability to function normally in your day to day tasks.  The pain can be intense and to the point that it hinders your ability.  Dr. Oz said that neck pain is very common and 77 percent of have or will experience it i our lives.  Before you reach for another, Dr Oz talked about a non invasive way to treat neck pain which may be the answer that you are looking for.  This “pain buster” is called Cold Laser Therapy.  He brought on a guest Chiropractor named Steven Shoshany on to the show to talk about Cold Laser Therapy and how it is used to treat pain.  Steve said that it decreases pain by increasing blood flow in the neck area and improves your muscle elasticity.

Steve Shoshany said that light from the laser penetrates the skin but it is painless!  The laser will decrease your pain and help heal the tissue.  Another reason to consider this therapy is that it only takes approximately 10 minutes!

Are You A Good Candidate For Cold Laser Therapy Treatment?

Cold Laser Therapy is good for people who exerience the following :

  • Arthritis
  • Stiff neck
  • Disk herniation
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

For some people it takes 3-5 treatments before you start to feel pain relief, but for others it takes only one visit!  Steven Shoshany said that Cold Laser Therapy will improve your range of motion while helping to heal the damaged tissue that is causing the pain.

Tens Device For Pain

If you would like for a way to relieve your pain without having to go see a doctor the “Tens Device” may be what you are looking for.  Dr. Oz invited Mario Armstrong to talk about the Tens Device.  Mario said that first you apply electrodes to your skin in the areas that you are feeling pain.  Then all you have to do is turn on the Tens Device to an intensity that is comfortable to you.

You do not need a prescription to use the Tens Device.  You can find them online or in department stores for 99 – 150 dollars.  Some insurance companies also cover the Tens Device!

What Parts Of The Body Is The Tens Device Effective For?

Mario Armstrong said that the Tens Device can be used on most parts of your body but shouldn’t be used on your neck, jaw or head.  He explained to Dr. Oz that this pain relieving device can be used on all other areas of the body..  He said treatement takes 15-30 minutes. If you experience from chronic pain you can use the Tens Device several times per day.

Who SHOULDN’T Use A Tens Device

  • Pregnant Women
  • Those with heart conditions
  • People who have a pacemaker

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