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Gwyneth Palthrow’s Health Remedies On Dr. Oz – Colloidal Silver Spray, Magnesium, Oil of Oregano

Today Dr. Oz invited Gwyneth Paltrow on to the show to talk about her drastic diet and lifestyle change, health recipes such as her vegan vegetable dumplings and health remedies that she routinely uses to help her sleep, combat germs, and improve her digestion.  After Gwyneth Paltrow began experiencing health problems she (with the help of her doctor) came up with an elimination diet to bring her back to optimal health.  With a new look on health, diet, and wellness Gwyneth is looking and feeling better than ever.  Listed below are the health remedies that discussed on today’s Dr. Oz episode.

Gwyneth Paltrow Health Remedies

When Gwyneth Paltrow made drastic changes to improve her diet and lifestyle, she also made the commitment to help others with their health as well.  Gwyneth has did a lot of research and is grateful for having the opportunity of meeting experts in the field of health and wellness.  Here are some of her favorite remedies for digestion, sleeping aids, and fighting germs.

Colloidal Silver Spray – Gwyneth told Dr. Oz that she takes a bottle of colloidal silver spray with her everywhere that she goes.  She said that colloidal silver is fabulous for germs and viruses.  You simply spray the colloidal silver under your tongue for protection.  She said that she also sprays surfaces that are likely to contain germs.

Dr. Oz said that he also uses colloidal silver as well.  He said that he sprays it into the back of his throat each day to ward off illness.  He said that colloidal silver is the “original” antibiotic that was used for germs and viruses long before man made antibiotics were available.

Daikon Radishes – As a digestion aid, Gwyneth Paltrow loves daikon radishes. She eats the daikon radishes after meals that she thinks may be difficult to digest.

Oil of Oregano – To shorten the duration of colds Gwyneth Paltrow takes oil of oregano.  She said that it tastes awful but is effective.  She even gives it to her kids when a cold is coming on.

Magnesium – Gwyneth Paltrow has small children so it always isn’t possible to get the 8 hours of sleep that she would like.  As a sleep aid she takes magnesium at night before bed.  Dr. Oz suggests taking 300 milligrams 30 minutes before bed to help you sleep.

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