Dr Oz, Consumerlab.com Vitamin Test, Prevent Bing Eating

Vitamin Testing, Generic Drugs, and 3 Phase Diet Plan

Today’s show was a highly anticipated episode that featured segments that talked about generic drugs versus brand name medications, a 3 phase diet plan to boost your metabolism and help you lose weight, and vitamin testing which featured the president of consumerlabs.com to talk about which vitamin companies failed to pass the test of efficacy.  Here are links to each segment featured on today’s show.

Which Generic Drugs Should You Not Buy? – We all would like to save some cash and prescription drugs can be very costly. However, there are some generic drugs that you may be not be worth saving some money. Find out which kinds of drugs you should opt for the brand name versions over the generic labels.

Vitamin Testing & Which Brands Didn’t Pass For Quality? – Vitamins and supplements are meant to be healthy for our bodies. However, some brands did not pass the quality control test that Dr. Tod Cooperman from consumerlabs.com on the Dr. Oz show today.  Find out which brands didn’t pass the test and which kinds of vitamins you should avoid altogether.

Avocado & Turkey Wrap – Today they revealed a 3 phase plan to talk about which fats, lean proteins, and complex carbs you should eat to boost your metabolism and help you lose weight.  During this segment they talked about healthy fat recipes like this avocado and turkey lettuce wrap.

How To Prevent Binging & Tuna Salad Red Pepper Recipe – Haylie Pomroy (nutritionist) and Dr. Oz give tips about how to prevent binging as well as a tuna salad recipe that contains lean proteins and veggies to boost your metabolism.

Dr Oz, Strawberry French Toast Recipe, Carb Metabolism Boosters – How would you like to lose weight while enjoying strawberry french toast?  According to Haylie Pomroy you can!  As part of her 3 phase plan to boost your metabolism and lose 20 lbs in 28 days she talks about complex carbohydrates that you should be eating to help you burn calories more easily.  Here is the strawberry french toast recipe that contains complex carbs that will improve your thyroid function and metabolism.