Dr Oz, Correct Way To Sneeze, Buckwheats Gluten Free, Antibiotics, Flu

Dr. Oz Talks About Wheat Allergies, Antibiotics, and Best Way To Sneeze To Avoid Spreading Germs

Do you always feel run down and fatigued…  Have you always wondered why you seem to suffer from exhaustion long before the day has come to an end?  Dr. Oz said that you may have a food allergy that is zapping your energy and leaving you feeling exhausted.

Wheat Allergies Cause Exhaustion

Can you pinpoint a certain time of the day that you always seem to feel exhausted and in desperate need of a nap?  Dr. Oz said that your body may be giving you clues about what is causing your exhaustion.  Dr. Oz said that wheat allergies can cause many people to feel run down.  You may have a wheat allergy and not even know it!

Buckwheat Is Gluten Free

Considering the name “BuckWHEAT”, most people just assume that buckwheat has gluten in it.  However, buckwheat is actually gluten free.  Dr. Oz said that buckwheat is often used in gluten free beer as well as well as an ingredient in many gluten free cooking recipes.  Dr. Oz said that Quinoa is also another grain that does not contain any gluten.

Too Many People Take Antibiotics

Antibiotics only help against bacterial infections.  They don’t work against viruses and Dr. Oz feels that too many people are taking antibiotics when they are not going to help. If you have a viral infection (like the flu) antibiotics wont help and can actually give you some unpleasant side effects.  A viral infection will generally have to run it’s course before you feel better.

What Do Antibiotics Cure?

While antibiotics do not work against viruses they do work against bacterial infections.  Dr. Oz described common illnesses and tells if antibiotics would be an effective treatment or not?

Common colds – Colds are caused by a virus.  So, no antibiotics will not help to cure a cold.

Strep throat – Many people fall victim to the dreaded strep throat during the winter.  Fortunately, antibiotics do work against strep throat because it is a bacterial infection.

UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) – UTI’s cause pain in the lower abdomen.  You can tell if you likely have a UTI if your urine is cloudy.  Antibiotics are an effective treatment for this kind of bacterial infection.

Stomach flu – Flu’s are caused by a virus so antibiotics are not effective.

Dr. Oz Talks About The Correct Way To Sneeze To Avoid Spreading Germs

Sneezing causes germs to spread very easily.  Dr. Oz talked about the best way to sneeze to help keep the spread of germs at bay.  The Center of Disease Control (CDC) said that correct way to reduce the spread of germs by sneezing is to sneeze into a tissue.

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