Dr Oz, Cotton Ball Foot Test For Diabetes, Hairy Toes and Cold Feet

Dr. Oz Talks About Feet Health and A Cotton Ball Test For Diabetes

Your feet are often overlooked and under appreciated.  Dr. Oz invited Dr. Krista Archer (a podiatrist) on to the show to talk about the potentially lifesaving signs and clues that your feet may be telling you about your health and potential illness.

Do Hairy Toes Mean That You Have Good Circulation?

Dr. Archer said that hairy toes is a good attribute to have because it means that your circulation is getting blood down to your feet as it should.  If you notice hair loss on your toes or that they are bald you should see a physician because you may have circulation problems.

Cotton Ball Diabetes Test

Dr. Krista Archer said that if you have ever noticed a sore on the bottom of your foot that wouldn’t heal, it could be a sign that you may have diabetes.  She said that you should see a physician if this is the case.  You can also take an at home test to see if you may be at risk for Diabetes.  Here is the cotton ball test that she demonstrated to Dr. Oz and the audience on today’s show :

  1. Rub a cotton ball on the top of your hands and notice the sensation
  2. Now, rub the cotton ball on the bottom of one of your feet.  The feeling should be similar.  If you don’t feel the same sensation on the bottom of your foot it could mean that you have or at risk for diabetes.

Foot Cramp Remedies

Many people get foot cramps from time to time.  For many, the reason why people get foot cramps is because of a nutritional deficiency.  Here are the remedies that were given from the show :

  • Drink more water
  • Take a magnesium (that contains calcium) supplement
  • Eat a banana
  • Have a drink that contains electrolytes

Cold Feet Could Be A Sign Of Hypothyroidism

Are your feet always cold regardless of the environment in which are in?  Cold feet could be a sign of hypothyroidism.  If you frequently suffer from cold feet you should have your thyroid checked by a physician.

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