Dr Oz, Cryo Sclerotherapy Varicose Vein Treatment, Injection Costs

Dr. Oz Talks About Amazing Results For A Varicose Vein Treatment Called Cryo Sclerotherapy

Today Dr. Oz talked about an amazing new treatment for complaint that is very common with women.  Dr. Oz said that 60 percent of women are affected by varicose veins to some degree.  The breakthrough treatment for varicose veins is called Cryo Sclerotherapy and the results that you get are INSTANT, long lasting, and painless.. You could literally have the treatment done on your lunch break at work!

To help explain this breakthrough procedure Dr. Oz invited Luis Navarro on to the show.  He talks about the injection costs and the results that a typical woman can expect.  Dr. Luis Navarro explained that this procedure combines cold with sclerotherapy to get rid of spider veins…. For good!

Dr. Oz showed some before and after images to the audience and viewers at home.  The results were dramatic to say the least.

Cryo Sclerotherapy Procedure Performed On Stage

Dr. Oz talked to a woman named Vanessa who suffered from varicose veins..  She said that she has had spider veins for years and it affects her daily life, especially during summer when she people are out in their bathing suits and shorts!

Dr. Navarro said that Vanessa was a good candidate for Cry Sclerotherapy and asked her to lie down in the medical chair to receive treatment.  Dr. Oz asked her if there was any pain as Dr. Navarro went through with the procedure.  Vanessa said that it wasn’t painful at all.  Dr. Navarro gave Vanessa an injection that literally made the veins disappear!  Dr. Oz was surprised that the procedure was painless because it involved needles but Vanessa assured him that there was no pain at all.  Dr. Navarro then said that this Cryo Sclerotherapy treatment is permanent and the varicose veins will not come back.  If those unsightly spider veins have been causing you to feel insecure this treatment may an option worth looking into.  So what about the cost?

How Much Does Cryo Sclerotherapy Cost?

Dr. Navarro said that the cost for 4o injections is $500.  This is what he charges so the price may vary between doctors.  Vanessa was ecstatic at the instantaneous results.  Within seconds of each injection you could see the varicose veins disappear.  You can bet that Vanessa will be sporting shorts with more confidence all summer long.

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