Dr Oz, Crystal Sonic & Tapping Therapy for Migraines, Cravings,Sleep

Dr. Oz Talks About How Crystal Sonic Therapy Can Improve Your Sleep, Ease Migraines, Increase Your Memory, and Can Curb Cravings

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Mitchell Gaynor on to the show to talk about the powerful benefits that crystal sonic therapy has for cancer patients.  During this segment Dr. Oz demonstrated Crystal Sonic Therapy on members of the audience and how this sound therapy can improve your memory, focus, curb food cravings, soothe stress, and ease migraine headaches!  Each of the members of the audience who tested out the Crystal Sonic Therapy were given different sounds with each offering different benefits.

Different Sounds Of Crystal Sonic Therapy

Binaural Trinity –  This setting is used for people who are wanting to cut their curb cravings.  Stress is a big reason why people overeat and the Binaural Trinity setting helps to ease your stress and keep you calm. You will then be less likely to binge eat or suffer from frood cravings.

Gamma Waves – This setting  helps to improve your mental focus, clarity, and memory

Delta Bliss – Delta waves are beneficial for people who suffer from sleeping problems.  The “Delta State” helps to relax you and helps your body to calm down and prepare for sleep.  If you are having problems with insomnia the “Delta Bliss” sound would be good for you.

Harmonic Symphony – This method of crystal sonic therapy uses a variety of sound waves and is beneficial for people who are suffering from migraine headache pain.”EFT” The Tapping Solution For Pain ReliefDr. Oz invited Nick Ortner (author of “The Tapping Solution“) on to the show to talk about a trending technique that combines acupuncture without needles and psychology to relieve pain..   While you are tapping you should think about the things in your life that are upsetting or stressful to you.  Not only is it effective for stress, but it helps to relieve pain as well.

How does tapping work?

Tapping is based on the principles of acupressure and modern psychology.  The tapping concentrates on particular meridian endpoints while you focus on negative emotions or physical pain.  When you combine the tapping with the spoken work it helps to ease your nervous system and restore your body’s balance of energy.

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