Dr. Oz Crystal Sonic Therapy, Biosonic Machine, Sound Therapy

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Dr. Oz & Dr. Mitchell Gaynor Talk About His Book “The Healing Power Of Sound”, Sonic Therapy, and Biosonic Machine

During the final segment on today’s July 15, 2013 episode Dr. Oz invited Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, author of The Healing Power Of Sound talk about the the benefits of sound therapy and why it can be as beneficial as taking prescription medications to treat stress related health ailments. Also be sure check out the accompanying segment about the Crystal Sonic Therapy benefits for stress, insomnia, memory, and focus.

Crystal Sonic Sound Therapy

Stress relief may be as easy as putting on a set of headphones and listening to several minutes of sounds from Crystal Sonic therapy.  Dr. Gaynor believes that sound has many beneficial and health benefits.  He said that sound can help you to boost your mood, ease your stress, your learning capabilities, and even affect how you respond to pain.

Can The Power Of Sound Cure Cancer?

Being diagnosed with cancer would undoubtedly be one of the most stressful and scariest moments that you would ever experience in your life.  Dr. Gaynor goes through all of the options that are available for his patients such as medical treatments and nutritional advice.  To help ease his patients stress Dr. Gaynor gives them Crystal Sonic Therapy to help ease the stress after hearing news that is difficult to handle.

Dr. Gaynor said that after his patients receive 15 minutes of Crystal Sonic therapy many of his patients report that they feel a calmness like they never have before.  He finds this to be quite remarkable considering this helps to calm them down after they have heard news like a cancer diagnosis.

How Does Crystal Sonic Therapy Work?

Dr. Oz gave a demonstration on how crystal sonic therapy works.  He said that after you put on the headphones you will hear sound from two different frequencies.  The brain process the sounds on two frequencies and combines them into one softer frequency.Dr. Gaynor said that Crystal Sonic Therapy creates changes in the brain and cancer patients who are receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatments report that this therapy has made them calmer than ever before!

Biosonic Machine For Smart Phones, Computers, Ipads

Crystal Sonic Therapy is performed in a doctors office but even if you can’t make an appointment with a doctor you can still  receive benefits from a device called the Biosonic Machine.  All you need is a computer, iPad, or smartphone that gives you similar sounds as what the crystal sonic therapy does.  Dr. Oz demonstrated the machine on the show and he feels that the calming effect was significant.

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