Dr Oz, Curl Formers, Hair Straightening Damage, Curling Iron Video

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Dr. Oz Talks About Curl Formers as a Non Damaging Way To Curl Your Hair

Today’s show was all about your hair and the biggest mistakes women make.  All in the best efforts to make your hair beautiful, you may be causing more harm than good.  Dr. Oz called this segment “Mirror, Mirror” with the focus on you taking a closer look at the way that you style your hair.  To help him with this segment Dr. Oz invited Nikki Walton (nicknamed “Curly Nikki”) on to the show to explain how women damage their hair and how your “Natural” hair can be made to look beautiful.

Hair Straighteners Can Damage Hair and Scalp

Many women love to have the straight hair look, but if your hair is naturally curly or frizzy it’s next to impossible unless you go to some extreme measures.  To get that sleek looking appearance women have to resort to chemicals and extreme heat to get it to lay straight.  This paralyzes the hair and causes damage to the shaft and structure.  Not only that, but you can also burn your scalp if you are not careful.

YouTube Curling Iron Video – 30 Million Views and Counting

Dr. Oz invited a woman on to the show whose intention was to make a curling iron tutorial video but things went really wrong.   She literally burned her hair off from the curling iron!  This curling iron mishap video has garnered 30 million views and really illustrates the damage of what extreme heat can do to your hair.

Curl Formers Give You That “Curly” Look Without The Damage

Nikki Walton (aka “Curly Nikki) talked about ways that women can get that curly bounce look without the use of chemicals or heat.  She recommended using Curl Formers to your hair for the look you want without the damage.  All you do is apply the curl formers to your hair while it is wet and after your hair dries you will be left with beautiful bouncy curls.

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