Dr. Oz, D-5 Ribose Fibromyalgia Supplement and Dosage, Points Test

Dr. Oz Talks About The Fibromyalgia Tender Points Test and D-5 Ribose For Restorative Sleep and Healing

Fibromyalgia has always been one of the most misunderstood and undiagnosed diseases in the medical industry.  The reason why it is so misunderstood is that the signs are hard to recognizes and the symptoms can all be attributed to other ailments as well, so it’s hard to pinpoint this affliction which effects so many.  Today (February 17, 2014) Dr. Oz invited Holly Philips on to the show to talk about Fibromyalgia Tender points test that you can take as well as supplements (like D-5 Ribose) that can help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with this disease.

Fibromyalgia Tender Points Test

Fibromyalgia causes fatigue and exhaustion that just never seems to go away.  There is also widespread pain throughout the body.  The problem is there isn’t a specific test for patients to take to be diagnosed.  This is why many patients go untreated for years.   Dr. Holly Phillips does an interesting test with her patients that looks at 9 different areas of the body (18 points total).  To do the tender points test you use your thumb or index finger and apply pressure to each of the 9 areas of the body.  You apply enough pressure for your nail to turn a whitish color.  A person that doesn’t have fibromyalgia will feel the pressure that is being applied but it won’t be painful.  If you do have fibromyalgia you will experience pain in these areas of the body.

The Tender Points Test is one that Dr. Phillips does with her patients, but she says you can also do it right at home to see if you could have Fibromyalgia. It looks at 9 different areas of the body, with 18 points total and she says to use your thumb or index finger, making sure to to apply enough pressure so that the nailbed goes white. This is important because a person without Fibromyalgia will just feel pressure whereas a person with Fibromyalgia will feel pain. Dr. Phillips said that if her patients feels pain in 11 of the 18 areas she feels that they may indeed have Fibromyalgia.

Here are the 9 tender point areas :

  • Top of the shoulders
  • Back of the neck
  • Between each shoulder blade
  • Tops of the hips
  • Sides of the hips
  • Front of the neck
  • Below the collar bone on the upper chest
  • Inner portion of the knees
  • Inside of the knees

B-12, D5-Ribose Supplement For Fibromyalgia

Dr. Phillips explained to Dr. Oz and the audience that pain from Fibromyalgia can be long lasting and intense.  She said that dealing with pain all day long can lead to exhaustion, both mentally and physically.   Holly said that one of the best things you can do to alleviate pain is to stretch and move around.  She said that D-5 Ribose and Vitamin B-12 can help many people who suffer from this ailment.

D5-Ribose Supplements and Dosage – D5-Ribose helps your body to enter your deep cycles of sleep.  This is when your body can repair itself and lessen the symptoms that you are feeling.  The dosage levels suggested on the show were 5,000 mg of D5-Ribose 3 times a day.

Vitamin B-12 – Repairs nerve cells in the body.  B12 will also give you a boost of energy and improve your mood.  Take 25mcg of Vitamin B12 once per day.

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