Dr Oz, Dangerous Ingredients, Unwanted Hair, Purple Potatoes

Dr. Oz January 24 Show Topics

The Dr. Oz January 24, 2015 episode is going to blow the cover off of secrets that food companies are keeping from you and dangerous ingredients that they do NOT want you to know about!  Dr. Oz will be talking about the data that they have analyzed about an investigation of dangerous ingredients that are being used in the foods that we are feeding our families.  This eye opening episode will be talking about what the dangerous ingredients are and why food manufacturers are desperately trying to keep them a secret!

Update : The 1/24/2015 show has been aired and here are links that cover each of the topics discussed on the show :

Causes Of Back Pain

Dr. Oz will be demonstrating what causes back pain and ways in which you can prevent or reduce back pain.

Breakfast of Champions

Dr. Oz talks about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  He will be inviting top nutritionists and fitness trainers on to the show to share how you can create healthy quick and easy breakfasts to get you off to a great start.

Unwanted Hair

Nobody wants unwanted hair in places where hair has no place being in the first place!  Dr. Oz will be talking about embarrassing hair problems and how you can get rid of unwanted hair.  If unwanted hair is a problem for you, be sure to tune in to the January 24, 2014 show to find out how you can get rid of it once and for all!

Purple Potato Health Benefits

Have you ever eaten a purple potato before?  Dr. Oz will be talking about how health (and delicious) purple potatoes are and how they can be beneficial for your health.  Find out why purple potatoes can help you to lower your blood pressure levels.

Low Iron Quick Fix

Do you suffer from low iron?  Low iron can cause fatigue and exhaustion.  Dr. Oz will be sharing quick fixes for low iron.

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