Dr Oz, Dangers of Gel Manicures, Lose Weight From Dreaming Show Recap

Dr Oz Show Recaps From January 23, 2013 – Dangers and Risks of Gel Manicures, Lose Weight From Your Dreams

Today’s January 23, 2013 show was interesting and shocking in certain ways.  There are many women who have no idea of the risks and dangers involved when it comes to getting a simple gel manicure.  Dr. Oz talks about this subject as well as how you can lose weight simply from remembering  your dreams at night.  Here are the episode recaps in case you weren’t about to catch the show.

Here’s What You Missed From Today’s 1-23-2013 Dr Oz Show :

dr oz, gel manicures, health related dreams, lose weight from dreams

Dr Oz January 23 2013 Episode – Gel Manicures Dangers and What Health Related Dreams Mean

Gel Manicures Can Cause Fungal and Staph Infections – Did you know that you can thin your nails by as much as 50% from going to see the manicurist?  From soaking your fingers in acetone and all of the scraping involved you can cause breaks in the skin and nails that leave an open doorway for fungal and bacterial infections including Staph.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks about all of the risks and dangers involved with getting a Gel manicure.

UV Light Risk and Precautions For Manicures – Dr. Oz did a segment featuring precautions that women should take if they are going to get a manicure.  Find out why LED lights are safer than UV light lamps when curing your nail after getting a manicure.  Dr. Oz also talks about why you should use SPF sunscreen and use anti-UV gloves before getting treatment.

Health Related Dreams and What They Mean – Have you ever had a dreams where you are binging out on your favorite foods? Or dreams where you are totally naked and exposed in public?  Today Dr. Oz talks with a dream expert about what your sub conscious may be telling you when you have health related dreams.

How Dreams Can Help You Lose Weight –  In your wildest “Dreams” have you ever thought that the dreams that you may be having at night could hold the secrets you have been searching for when it comes to weight loss.  Find out how you can interpret your dreams and find the solutions to your weight goals.  Dr. Oz also talks with a dream expert about how to remember your dreams and why you should have a a dream journal to write them down as soon as you wake up in the morning.