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Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed That The Cosmetic Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know On Dr. Oz

During the closing segment on today’s show Dr. Oz invited beauty and cosmetic experts to the show to talk about anti-aging secrets that the beauty industry does not want you to know about.  Do eye creams even work? Do all the skin cream anti-aging claims that companies make true or are most of them just buzz words to get you to buy their product? Dr. Oz will be talking to a cosmetic chemist named Perry Romanowsky about the claims that the beauty industry makes about their products.

Retin-A Cream An Anti-Aging Superstar

A cosmetics expert named Lora Condon explained to Dr. Oz that Retin-A was originally intended to treat acne but they have found that the cream has fantastic anti-aging benefits as well.

What Do The Terms “Dermatologist Approved” and “Hypoallergenic” Really Mean?

You have most assuredly heard the terms “Dermatologist Approved” and “Hypoallergenic” before.  The terms may seem self explanatory but Perry Romanowski explained to Dr. Oz and the viewers that the terms may not mean exactly what you thought.

“Dermatologist Approved” simply means that it was approved by one dermatologist (that was paid by the company to try out the product!)

You would think that “Hypoallergenic” means that you won’t break out if you use their cosmetic product.  However, the FDA has not set a definition for what hypoallergenic means.. So basically a company can use the term hypoallergenic however they choose.  Lora Condon suggests that you avoid beauty products that say lanolin, alcohol, or fragrance because if you are prone to break out these ingredients could be cause you problems.

Do Eye Creams Actually Work?

Are eye creams specifically designed to treat the eyes?  Dr. Oz said that basically “eye creams” are buzz words for moisturizers and don’t work specifically on the eye area to reduce wrinkles and such.  Perry Romanowsk, who is a cosmetic chemist said that basically you are paying extra for a moisturizer.  He suggests that you look for creams that contain vitamin A (or retinyl palmitate) for anti-aging benefits.

Anti-Aging Solutions To Look 5 Years Younger (Borage Oil & Meadowfoam Seed)

Borage Oil – This supplement comes in a capsule and can be taken internally.  You can apply the oil to your face for anti-aging benefits.

Meadowfoam Seed – Lora Condon said that Meadowfoam Seed will not be a secret for much longer!  The lip balm only costs 5 dollars.

Home Remedy For Dark Circles

Dark circles under your eyes can make you look older and just plain worn out all of the time.  Here is a recipe to help alleviate dark circles from under your eyes.

  • 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt
  • 3 tbsp of fresh parsley

Mix in a food processor or blender and then apply under your eyes.  This will help to reduce the dark circles that you see under your eyes.

L’Oreal Feria Wild Ombre

L’Oreal Feria Wild Ombre is growing in popularity amongst the celebrity community.  Ombre makes it look like you spent a lot on your hair but it’s an inexpensive anti-aging secret that will help you look younger! Instead of forking out big money at the salon you can do it yourself at home with the L’Oreal Feria Wild Ombre Color Kit!

Pureology Super Relaxing Serum – For only $20 dollars you can straighten your hair at home.  Pureology super relaxing serum adds shine while keeping your hair straight even on those humid days when your hair wants to frizz.

Clairol Perfect10 – Have you ever had a horrible experience trying to color your hair at home?  Rodney Cutler suggests that you try Clairol Perfect10.

This show was aired on April 11, 2013

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