Dr Oz, Dash Diet Lowers Blood Pressure, Diabetes Risk, Guideline Rules

The Dash Diet, #1 Weight Loss Solution For 3 Straight Years – Diet Guidelines on Dr. Oz Show

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DASH Diet Can Help You Lose Weight and Lower Your Risk For High Blood Pressure & Diabetes

Dr. Oz frequently gives tips on how you can lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.  Today, Dr. Oz talked about the #1 diet plan (voted by medical professionals for 3 consecutive years) to lower your blood pressure, reduce your risk for diabetes, and to lower your weight at the same time!  During the episode Dr. Oz talks about the easy to follow diet guidelines that show why this plan has been voted the #1 weight loss solution for the past 3 years.  Be sure to check out the follow up segment on DASH Diet Sodium Guidelines and Foods To Avoid.

Lower Your Risk For Diabetes With The DASH Diet

The benefits of the DASH diet continues to mount as more research data becomes available.  Dr. Oz invited Dr. Caroline Apovian on to the show to talk about why this weight loss program has been voted the #1 diet for the last 3 years.  She said that people love this diet because of how easy it is to follow and you are eating real foods that will not make you feel deprived.  She also added that studies are showing that the DASH diet will improves your overall health by lowering your risk for heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

Weight Loss With The DASH Diet

DASH stands for “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension”. Not only can this diet lower your risk for high blood pressure but it can help you lose weight and keep it off.  Dr. Adam Glasgow said what makes this diet ideal is it’s sensible approach.  It is a balanced plan that includes both fruits and vegetables.

Kristin Kirkpatrick (dietician) said that people want to stick with the DASH diet because of it’s balanced approach.  Your body is getting the nutrients that it needs and you are feeling satisfied at the same time.   When people stick with a diet that they are comfortable with long term weight loss results are certainly attainable.

DASH Diet Guideline Rules

The principles of the DASH diet can be found in Martha Heller’s book, The DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution.  Here are the basic guideline rules that were given on Dr. Oz

    • 6-8 servings of whole grains each day
    • 4-5 servings of fruits and veggies a day
    • 2-3 servings of low fat dairy a day
    • 6 oz or less of lean meat
    • 4-5 servings per week of seeds, nuts, and legumes

5 servings or less of sweets per week